“Single’s Inferno 2” Contestant Shin Seul Ki Is Inheriting More Than Just Riches From Her Father

Shin Seul Ki is more than just a pretty face with money…

Even though Single’s Inferno 2 has come to an end, it’s just the start for the contestants. Since the show started at the end of 2022, everyone wants to know everything about the contestants, and that includes their lives off the island.

One of the contestants that created the most buzz is Shin Seul Ki.

“Single’s Inferno 2” contestant Shin Seul Ki | Netflix

Of course, Seul Ki gained attention for her dazzling visuals, and her Instagram proved why she was definitely perfect for the show.

| @shinseulkee/Instagram
| @shinseulkee/Instagram

When she first appeared on the show, Seul Ki already had an elite personal background. It was revealed in the show that she is currently enrolled in Seoul National University’s piano department, which is known as one of the top ones in the nation.

| Shin Seul Ki’s Instagram via 알면뭐하니/YouTube

It was also revealed that Seul Ki is basically a real-life princess, as it was discovered that her father is one of South Korea’s top plastic surgeons. He is the founder and head surgeon at BIO Plastic Surgery.

With such a high-profile job, it isn’t surprising that her family is rich and it’s shown through their portfolio. The family owns a 20-story building in Sinsa-dong, an affluent neighborhood in Seoul. That’s a lot of bank in rent. The building itself is estimated to be worth around ₩100 billion KRW (about $78.2 million USD).

She also lives in a luxury apartment called Tower Palace. From her own Instagram stories of the view, fans speculate that she lives in the penthouse or one of the top floors. It is estimated to cost between 7-9 million USD.

| Shin Seul Ki’s Instagram via 알면뭐하니/YouTube

Yet, it seems like the richness of her father doesn’t just come from material wealth. Of course, the information about Seul Ki’s past shows just how interested everyone is in the contestants, particularly her family.

An article published in December, which had nothing to do with Seul Ki, shows just how rich her family is with kindness. According to the story, plastic surgeon Shin Yong Ho (Seul Ki’s dad) return a five-month-old child to Myanmar after treating her burn scars for four months.

Shin Yong Ho and another surgeon | The JoongAng

Shin Yong Ho was one of the surgeons who helped the child, who underwent a skin transplant that is worth ₩50.0 million KRW (about $40,300 USD) in order to treat burn wounds on her shoulder and a finger on her left hand. If that wasn’t enough, Shin Yong Ho personally cared for the child every day.

The doctor also personally cared for the child by dressing her wounds every day until the child was able to make a full body recovery and returned home with her father.

— The JoongAng article

| The JoongAng

For many people, plastic surgery seems to be a very cosmetic job, and they will focus on the procedures people have to improve their visuals rather than the genuine uses it can have for someone’s help.

Dr. Shin Yong Ho explained that it couldn’t be further from the truth and that plastic surgeons are some of the doctors that can help the most, especially in many Asian countries. He has done it for over twenty years, traveling and helping those in need.

Although some people might be surprised to learn that a plastic surgeon would volunteer overseas, there isn’t a doctor that can help patients as much as a plastic surgeon. Especially as many countries in Africa and South East Asia still have to make fires to cook, there are many patients suffering from burn wounds.

— Shin Yong Ho

The child, his father, and Seul Ki’s father | The JoongAng

While many believed Seul Ki was a “Pick me” because of the fact many male contestants liked her, she was always kind to those around her and never made anyone feel left out. It seems as if she didn’t just inherit money from her father but also her kindness and charm.

You can read more about Seul Ki’s wealth below.

“Single’s Inferno” Miss Popular Shin Seul Ki Comes From One Of The Richest Families In South Korea

Source: The JoongAng

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