“Single’s Inferno” Miss Popular Shin Seul Ki Comes From One Of The Richest Families In South Korea

Fans of the show think this is why she wasn’t impressed by Dong Woo.

It’s no new discovery that Single’s Inferno‘s Shin Seul Ki has an elite personal background. It was revealed in the show that she is currently enrolled in Seoul National University’s piano department. The school is known as one of the top ones in the nation.

| Shin Seul Ki’s Instagram via 알면뭐하니/YouTube

However, Shin Seul Ki’s family background is where things get interesting. The baby-faced star is basically a princess! Her father is one of South Korea’s top plastic surgeons. He is the founder and head surgeon at BIO Plastic Surgery. Koreans name him one of the top-earning surgeons due to his developments in botox brands. Fans think that this might be why she was not fazed or impressed by contestant Dong Woo’s career as a plastic surgeon.

Shin Seul Ki’s family also owns a 20-story building in Sinsa-dong, an affluent neighborhood in Seoul. That’s a lot of bank in rent. The building itself is estimated to be worth around ₩100 billion KRW (about $78.2 million USD).

She also lives in a luxury apartment called Tower Palace. From her own Instagram stories of the view, fans speculate that she lives in the penthouse or one of the top floors. It is estimated to cost between 7-9 million USD.

| Shin Seul Ki’s Instagram via 알면뭐하니/YouTube

She may just be one of the richest contestants on the show to date!

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