“Single’s Inferno 2” Contestant Lee Nadine Has The Most Iconic Response To Criticisms About Her Behavior During The Show

It’s all because of her language skills during the series!

All of the contestants on Single’s Inferno 2 have unsurprisingly gained a lot of attention since the show started airing and will have monitored reactions from viewers. While the majority are positive, it’s impossible for there not to be some criticisms or harsh comments.

Recently, contestant Lee Nadine gained attention for her response to “haters” criticizing her behavior during the show.

“Single’s Inferno” Lee Nadine | Netflix

During the show, Nadine gained a lot of love from netizens for her charming personality, visuals, and of course, her badass intelligence. While not finding love, Nadine was always honest with herself and other contestants rather than playing games.

| Netflix
| Netflix

After the show ended, netizens couldn’t hide their excitement after finding Nadine’s official TikTok and some of her hilarious posts on the account.


Yet, along with funny videos, Nadine’s recent post gained attention after she hit back at haters criticizing her language skills during the show.

Living in America and studying at Harvard, Nadine made it clear that her Korean isn’t fluent like the other contestants. Because of this, she often switched between the two languages to ensure that she could vocalize her opinions without worrying about making mistakes.

Luckily, all the contestants made sure they were considerate of Nadine, and many even tried to speak English so that she didn’t feel left out or unable to understand.

Unfortunately, netizens have not always been as kind and many have shared their “annoyance” at Nadine changing languages, with some saying she did it on purpose for attention or to showcase that she was bilingual.

It seems to have come back to Nadine as her recent TikTok addressed the haters in the most iconic way. On the video, the caption said, “When I see comments that I spoke English on purpose to flex..um..” with laughing emojis. In the video, Nadine rightly had an expression that was confused and then showed her laughing.

In the caption of the post, Nadine set the allegations straight, adding, “Or maybe i just… suck at Korean 😭”

When the post was shared, some netizens couldn’t believe that they’d actually found Nadine’s TikTok…

Others praised the contestant’s response to the haters. In particular, those who are bilingual understood the struggles of knowing two languages and how confusing it can be to communicate. Along with the sound she used, Nadine certified herself as iconic.

As always, Nadine has showcased how awesome she is by addressing the haters head-on. Being bilingual is a blessing but also a curse, making it hard to find the right words in different scenarios. Nadine did amazingly on the island, and the other contestants also ensured that she never felt left out or a burden.

You can read more about Nadine’s TikTok below.

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