Netizens Are Still Shocked That One “Single’s Inferno 2” Female Contestant Still Hasn’t Been Picked To Go To “Paradise”

“It is the villain origin story of the male contestants…”

Single’s Inferno 2 started airing at the end of 2022. With only a few episodes left, netizens are getting excited to determine which contestants will be leaving the island with a partner. Through their chats and being able to go to “Paradise” (a hotel away from the island), the pairings are becoming clearer.

Yet, netizens are shocked after one female contestant is yet to be picked to go to “Paradise.”

“Single’s Inferno 2” poster | Netflix

During the first episode, attention was paid to female contestant Park Se Jeong. As soon as she walked down the beach and made her introduction, she was praised for her outstanding visuals and beauty.

Contestant Park Se Jeong | Netflix 

As soon as she made her introduction, Se Jeong gained attention for looking like Bae Suzy and LE SSERAFIM‘s Kazuha. Her visuals were undeniable and sent the internet into meltdown.

| @jennonpark/Instagram
| @jennonpark/Instagram

In particular, a TikToker showed that whenever the male contestants were asked about their ideal type, Se Jeong would always be mentioned, whether it was Kim Se Jun, Dong Woo, or the other male contestants.

She has also gained attention for her kindness towards the other contestants. When the likes of Lee So E and others were feeling sad about their lack of luck with love on the island, Se Jeong was always the first one to be there for them and comfort them.

| Netflix 

Along with her visuals, it almost seems impossible to believe that she hadn’t been picked.

| Netflix
| Netflix

Throughout the series, netizens have shared their shock about the lack of luck with love Se Jeong has had while on the island.

Amidst their shock that Se Jeong hadn’t been picked, some even believed that there was a mystery man on the island that hadn’t been shown. As a love interest for Se Jeong, who eventually had to leave, it had to be the only reason she hasn’t been to “Paradise.”

During a drone shot in Season 2’s preview clips of what was to come, there was another man in Se Jeong’s towel who wasn’t shown in the actual clip.

A picture of Se Jeong, Dong Woo and the mystery man (on the far left) | Netflix
He was then edited out in the episode | Netflix

While many thought he could be Kim Han Bin, the male contestant was actually in “Paradise” when this shot was meant to be filmed.

Han Bin in “Paradise” with Lee So E when the scene was played | Netflix

Se Jeong isn’t the only person not to have a chance in “Paradise,” as male contestant Jong Woo hasn’t left the island.

Contestant Jong Woo | Netflix

However, netizens have not shared as many concerns for Jong Woo as he has always had his eyes on Shin Seul Ki and has his best opportunities to speak to her on the island when her other potential suitors are in “Paradise.”

Se Jun, Seul Ki and Jong Woo | Netflix

For many, Se Jeong seems like the ideal type because not only is she so beautiful, but she’s caring and driven. Hopefully, with a few episodes left, Se Jeong will find her happy ending with someone who is just as iconic as she is.

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