“Single’s Inferno 2” Conspiracy Theory: There Was Another Male Contestant That Has Been Edited Out

Could Se Jeong have had a man?

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Single’s Inferno 2 might have had one more contestant…

Netflix‘s hit Korean reality dating show Single’s Inferno returned for Season 2 at the end of 2022, introducing us to a new group of singles looking to find love on the deserted island “Inferno.”

Over the course of the past couple of weeks, the show added three additional contestants, one woman Lim Min Su and two men, Kim Jin Young and Kim Se Jun. Yet, there might have been one other man.

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Such suspicions arose with the recent Episode 8. Many viewers found the editing choppier than usual in the past couple of episodes, as if a lot of moments and context were removed. For example, even little to none of talking among contestants since the new people were shown, providing no context to their decisions when choosing their Paradise dates. Now, viewers believe they have found the reason why.

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There is now a conspiracy theory that a male contestant was removed during the filming of Single’s Inferno 2 and edited out.

One thing that confused many viewers was that when Jo Yoong Jae returned from Paradise (resort) in Episode 8, he appeared to have a sore on his lip. Viewers thought it looked like it got hurt, as if he was given a busted lip, and some wrote it off as a cold sore or pimple.

Yoong Jae (left) and Jin Young (right) |  Netflix

Yet, if it is the case that he was hurt, it would have made more sense if it was the result of the unfortunately violent men’s game at the end of Episode 8. We do see during that scene that some men got injured, bleeding. But Yoong Jae appeared with a busted lip before the game, and we know he didn’t get it in Paradise with Lee Nadine. So, did he get it during an offscreen fight?

From left: Jin Young, Jong Woo, and Yoong Jae |  Netflix

That’s not the only confusing aspect of Episode 8.

While several contestants were left in Inferno while three pairs were off in Paradise, some enjoyed the beach in one of the hottest scenes of Season 2 so far.

Se Jeong (left) and Dong Woo (right) |  Netflix

Kim Se Jun and Choi Seo Eun hung out while Shin Dong Woo and Park Se Jeong suntanned. Some believe there was one more person present.

Seo Eun (left) and Se Jun (right) |  Netflix

There is reason not to question whether there was another person, though. Seo Eun comments, “Oh! Hot girl; hot boy!” about Se Jeong and Dong Woo, respectively. There is also an angle where it clearly appears to be just the four people mentioned.

From left: Se Jeong, Dong Woo, Seo Eun, and Se Jun |  Netflix

But it’s the drone shot that has viewers greatly perplexed. They pointed to the huge open space next to Se Jeong on the towel. It raises a couple of questions: Why were she and Dong Woo so physically close when there was so much space left? Why are there an extra pair of flip-flops? It definitely appeared someone had been edited out from the space next to Se Jeong. You can even see that the blank space next to her is much smoother than the rest of the towel because someone was on it.

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Well, it is certainly the case that someone was removed. This exact drone shot was actually in Episode 1 in Season 2’s preview clips of what was to come. As you can see below, there is another man on Se Jeong’s towel.

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Based on the shot, it appears that the other man in question is Kim Han Bin. The face and tattoo look to be his. But he was in Paradise with Lee So E at the time in Episode 8. So, that’s even more confusing.

Han Bin (left) and So E (right) |  Netflix

But in the previews shown during Episode 1, there are other angles. In one, Se Jeong applied lotion on the man in white’s back.

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In the other, we can see what appears to be Dong Woo, Se Jeong, and the other man lounging on the towels. Seo Eun also is in the same spot. It even looks like it could be Se Jun but with his navy shirt’s sleeves rolled up.

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So, it seems that Han Bin was originally in this scene and was removed. Even more curious, the beach scene in Episode 8 that he was allegedly removed from was shown immediately before people returned from Paradise. He was shown at the center of the group, and some even made comments about those “dressed for the beach.”

From left: Jin Young, Min Su, So E, Han Bin, Nadine, and Yoong Jae |  Netflix

So, the only semi-logical explanation is the drone shot was that it was “filler” footage, but even then, all the other shots of the same content being shown before are confusing.

Still, these details, including the removed body on the beach and Yoong Jae’s lip among the obviously choppy editing, have provoked viewers to theorize. So, a conspiracy theory about an additional male cast member has circulated on TikTok. The OP (Original Poster) has since removed their videos, though, but there are many jumping on this theory.


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What do you think? It might explain why Se Jeong got little to no screen time and Yoong Jae suddenly shifted his character, “betraying” Choi Jong Woo. Read more below.

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