Unexpected “Single’s Inferno 2” Couple Shin Seul Ki And Choi Jong Woo Might Have Just Confirmed Their Relationship Status In A Recent Video

The most unexpected couple could have the most unexpected ending!

After weeks of watching singletons trying to find love on “Inferno,” Single’s Inferno 2 finally came to an end in a shocking season finale. With the show finished, netizens are now trying to find evidence of which couples are still together.

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During the final show, three couples came together: Lee So E and Kim Se Jun, Choi Seo Eun and Joo Yoong Jae, and Choi Jong Woo and Shin Seul Ki.

Lee So E and Kim Se Jun | Netflix
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While So E and Se Jun have seemingly been slightly more obvious with the hints that they’re together, including activities on social media and even going to Ascottage together…

Another unexpected couple might have hinted at their future as a couple, and it’s none other than Shin Seul Ki and Choi Jong Woo.

Jong Woo picking Seul Ki during the final episode | Netflix

Out of all the couples, this pairing was the most shocking for different reasons. While Jong Woo had always shared feelings for Seul Ki and never changed his mind, to the point that he never actually went to “Paradise…”

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Seul Ki had never shown any preference for Jong Woo for the majority of the series. In fact, she seemed to have been leaning toward Kim Jin Young ever since he arrived. The two had an undeniable chemistry, even leading up to the finale.

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Well, it seems like Seul Ki’s decision to pick Jong Woo was perfect, and a recent interview might confirm whether the relationship lasted.

In a recent video, the cast of Single’s Inferno 2 reunited and had a look back on clips from the episodes that they had never seen before.

During one part of the video, the cast was watching Seul Ki’s first date with Jin Young in “Paradise,” especially the scene when the two were in the pool. While everyone was in awe of the scenes, even Jin Young and Seul Ki seemed shocked by what they were watching.

The hints that Jong Woo and Seul Ki’s relationship might still be going strong quickly appeared. While watching the scene, Jong Woo added, “You guys are like Beauty and the Beast.”

When the scene of Jin Young being flirty appeared, Jong Woo didn’t seem impressed.

After the clip had finished, while the male contestants were praising Jin Young for his bold approach to Seul Ki, Jong Woo had the best response as he explained, “I’m glad they only held hands.” Kim Han Bin even joked that he was put in the middle of the two male contestants to stop a fight.

Seul Ki added that her heart was fluttering while watching the scenes…

Until she realized that Jong Woo would be watching the same intimate clips of her and Jin Young. When Choi Seo Eun confirmed he would, Seul Ki suddenly seemed flustered, adding, “My goodness. Jong Woo, close your eyes.”

When the clips were posted, even netizens seemed to find the jealousy and caution from both contestants extremely sweet. Why else would they have those reactions if they weren’t together?

Yet, maybe the two were perfectly suited for each other, and, especially in the last episodes, the results might have been obvious. Seul Ki shared her uncertainty when making a decision, and Jong Woo’s revealed he would keep his feelings strong for her, even if it meant he would be hurt. It shows that they might be the perfect couple.

| Netflix
| Netflix

Although it might be too early to know whether they are still together, the interview shows that romance might be on the cards for both Jong Woo and Seul Ki.

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