“Single’s Inferno 2” Contestants Lee So E And Kim Se Jun’s Recent Activities Might Have Revealed The Couple’s Future

Did they get their happy ending?

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Single’s Inferno 2 might have come to an end after the show’s finale, but for netizens, it’s only the beginning of their detective work when it comes to the contestants.

One couple that has been an OTP since day one is Lee So E and Kim Se Jun, and fans think they are still together.

Contestant Lee So E | e._.soi/Instagram
Contestant Kim Se Jun | @asser__kim/Instagram 

As the show has officially ended, netizens are on the lookout for any evidence that couples might still be together or that relationships have continued to blossom after the show finished.

In the finale, three couples left together: Se Jun and So E, Joo Young Jae and Choi Seo Eun, and Shin Seul Ki and Choi Jong Woo.

Lee So E and Kim Se Jun | Netflix
Choi Seo Eun and Joo Young Jae | Netflix 
Choi Jong Woo and Shin Seul Ki | Netflix

Of course, out of all the contestants, it was Kim Se Jun and Lee So E who quickly became everyone’s OTP. While So E initially seemed unlucky in love, Se Jun’s appearance changed that completely and he seemed smitten with her from the moment he arrived.

| Netflix
| Netflix

Throughout the series, although it was subtle, Se Jun found any way to show off his admiration for So E.

| Netflix

Even when she went to “Paradise” with Kim Han Bin, he understood her reasoning and still couldn’t hide his feelings from the rest of the contestants, confidently sharing how much he liked So E.

| Netflix

Of course, it meant that when So E and Se Jun left the island together, hand in hand, everyone’s dreams had come true. But are they still together?

Well, it seems like all signs point to yes after a recent flurry of social media activity from Se Jun. During the show, the contestants were quiet with their online interactions, and many didn’t even follow each other until recently. Of course, both So E and Se Jun follow each other on social media.

Lee So E follows Kim Se Jun on Instagram | @e._.soi/Instagram
Kim Se Jun follows Lee So E | @asser__kim/Instagram

As all the contestants follow each other, it shouldn’t be surprising. However, Se Jun went one step further and had been interacting with So E’s posts. On January 3, So E posted a picture with some co-stars from a recent filming, as the contestant gained attention for her acting roles.

Amongst the likes, Se Jun’s name appears alongside those who have liked the picture. Fans believe that the star literally waited until the show ended to interact with So E on Instagram.

It gets even cuter!

At the end of 2022, So E shared some photos of herself as a young child. Only 9 hours ago, Se Jun commented on the photo, saying, “Kekekeke, cute.”

In a photo posted by someone who works at Ascottage, the tailor that Se Jun works at and is owned by season one contestant Oh Jin Taek, both Se Jun and So E were at the shop. The fact that it’s now deleted might mean that it was something they didn’t want to share.

It was also cute because So E promised to visit his shop during the final episode…

| Netflix

Some even thought that an Instagram post of Se Jun sleeping on a bag, posted by Lee Nadine, was actually the same as the one So E was wearing in a group photo. Although many pointed out it could’ve been his own bag, netizens can dream.

The rotated version of Lee Nadine’s Instagram story | @deeenerss/Instagram

Although it might just be friendship, the fact that none of the other contestants who paired off have showed any signs of their relationship outside of the show and media, it has to be positive signs.

You can read about their relationship below.

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