“Single’s Inferno 2” Host Lee Da Hee Is Going Viral For The Heartbreaking Reason She Cried When Shin Seul Ki Picked Choi Jong Woo

The actress’s reaction hit a chord with netizen.

Although Single’s Inferno 2 has officially ended, it feels like netizens still can’t get over the shoe even after the final episode a few days ago.

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One of the unique things about Single’s Inferno 2 is the idea of the hosts doing commentary during the episodes. The hosts of the show are Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun, rapper Hanhae, actress Lee Da Hee, and comedian Hong Jin Kyung.

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Over the past two series, the hosts have gained attention for their iconic reactions to the contestants, and it feels like you are watching it with them.

After the finale of the show, actress Lee Da Hee went viral after her reaction to the unexpected results of the show when it came to Shin Seulk Ki and Choi Jong Woo leaving the island together.

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Of course, when three different men picked Shin Seul Ki, fan favorite and loyal Jong Woo seemed like the last person she’d pick. Throughout the series, the hosts had a special soft spot for Jong Woo and his perseverance. Despite everything that happened, he stayed loyal to his feelings.

When Seul Ki eventually chose Jong Woo in the final episode, the hosts couldn’t believe it. In particular, both Lee Da Hee and Kyuhyun had the most emotional responses, with both crying at the results.

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Even when the other hosts were worried about the tears, Lee Da Hee was determined to continue watching the love story unfold.

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Yet, the reason behind her tears was something many people missed, and they kept wondering why she was so emotional without any context.

The actress then showcased her more vulnerable side by revealing why this moment made her so emotional. Watching two young people on their journey for love, she realized that as you get older, it’s hard to love someone just for who they are, without any prejudice.

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She seemingly envied that the young contestants didn’t have any thoughts and went with their hearts in the decisions they made compared to the thought that goes into relationships as you get older.

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When she saw Jong Woo and his unconditional love for Seul Ki, she wanted to cheer for him because it reminded her of when she was younger.

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After the clip was posted, it went viral with millions of views and hundreds of comments sharing admiration for Lee Da Hee’s honest reaction.

Like Lee Da Hee, many viewers felt emotional seeing the final episode and how Jong Woo’s ending played out. While some weren’t sure of how genuine Seul Ki’s emotions for him were, her speech for picking him had hearts melting.

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