“Single’s Inferno 2” Contestant Jo Yoong Jae Exposes The Reality Of His Controversial Behavior Teaming With Kim Jin Young Against Choi Jong Woo

“It seemed short on air, but in reality…”

With Single’s Inferno 2 finally ending and the contestants free to share their experiences, information and behind-the-scenes stories from the series are finally getting revealed. Scenes that caught the attention of fans have been clarified and relationships seemingly revealed.

In particular, aside from the positive moments, one of the biggest controversies from this series came after netizens criticized contestant Jo Yoong Jae‘s behavior.

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In one of the episodes, the men played a game where they all had to wrestle against each other, eliminating one another by throwing them out of the muddy pool.

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Despite many attempts, Choi Jong Woo held out until the end, when it was just him, Yoong Jae, and Kim Jin Young. And finally, Yoong Jae says, “Let’s team up,” hoping to end the game once and for all by taking out one man: Jong Woo.

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As the show has ended, the contestants have been more open to sharing their side of the story when it comes to scenes from the show. In particular, in a recent interview, he shared the reality of the scene.

As expected, Jong Woo understood how hard the decision was when it came to choosing someone to support, and everyone on the island had mixed thoughts and views on the topic. He explained, “I wanted to help everyone, but it’s impossible to make a choice that satisfies everyone.”

In particular, he shared that the lack of screen time and the scenes that got missed out would’ve perfectly explained his decision, particularly when it came to his friendship with Shin Seul Ki.

Contestant Shin Seul Ki | Netflix

Yoong Jae revealed that many scenes were cut, showing the number of times he and Seul Ki spoke while they were on the island, and he even added that they became very close. Because of this, he tried to make a decision based on what she wanted, but the rest happened by fate.

That’s why I knew Seul Ki’s thinking, and I thought that she liked Jin Young. So it’s true that I had a desire to connect Jin Young and Seul Ki. However, other than that, it was off to the match.

— Jo Yoong Jae

Although the scene only lasted minutes, the reality couldn’t be further from the truth as it went over 30 minutes, which would’ve been physically and emotionally tiring.

Kim Jin Young (left) and Shin Seul Ki (right) | Netflix

After this long, and the fact that Yoong Jae was the only one left with Jong Woo and Jin Young, he added, “Inevitably, there came a situation where I had to step in there in the middle.”

Also, as the match went on for much longer than it was shown, it made Jong Woo’s actions seemed harsher and more violent. In reality, it wasn’t as intense as the contestant explained, “I only attacked Jong-Woo at the last moment. I didn’t just attack Jong-Woo from the start.”

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The interview shows that netizens shouldn’t make assumptions or judgments based on a short clip from the episode. While the scene made Yoong Jae seem violent and unfair to Jong Woo, the reality was a way to end the game quickly and help his friend Seul Ki.

You can read more about the scene below.

“Single’s Inferno 2” Viewers Enraged As Jo Yoong Jae Teams Up With Kim Jin Young Against Choi Jong Woo

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