“Single’s Inferno 2” Co-Stars Kim Jin Young And Kim Se Jun Is The Unexpected Bromance We Didn’t Know We Needed

Their friendship is the cutest!

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Single’s Inferno 2 was all about finding love, yet many contestants left with lifelong friendships.

Still, viewers were not expecting the bromance between Kim Jin Young and Kim Se Jun. The two men both joined later in the season, but they didn’t have many moments together since they were both committed to the show’s concept.

Kim Jin Young | Netflix
Kim Se Jun | Netflix

Since Single’s Inferno 2 ended, the two have shown off their friendship more and more!

When the cast reacted to Se Jun’s scenes in Single’s Inferno 2, they all, especially Jin Young, talked about how cool and funny Se Jun was!

Recently, Jin Young and Se Jun interacted on Instagram. On an Instagram post, Se Jun commented, wondering when Jin Young would “return.” Finally, Jin Young replied that he was back and called him “cutie!”

If that wasn’t enough, the besties held a live broadcast via Instagram at 5 AM KST!

Throughout the entire Instagram Live, they were so teasy with each other. They obviously have a very close friendship now.

Surprisingly, not even 24 hours had passed, and Se Jun and Jin Young met up in person. A fan ran into them while they were out together.

Se Jun and Jin Young actually went to drink with fellow co-stars Shin Dong Woo and Jo Yoong Jae (who went camping and did an Instagram Live just a few hours before). While Jin Young shared photos including all four of their hands…

| @dex_xeb/Instagram

Se Jun reposted the photo of his and Jin Young’s drinks which included a heart emoji!


Later, Se Jun also reposted the group photo, but he added a cute message about Jin Young!


This bromance is everything we didn’t know we needed!

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