“Single’s Inferno 2” Star Kim Jin Young Is Shocked After Accidentally Crashing Shin Dong Woo’s “Date” With Another Contestant

Everyone was shocked by the sudden Instagram Live appearance.

Although Single’s Inferno 2 is over, netizens love the fact that the cast seems close as ever, always posting updates with each other and even releasing content, whether it’s on YouTube or doing live broadcasts.

Well, it seems like their close friendship might have led to some tea being spilled!

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On February 8 (KST), Kim Jin Young and Kim Se Jun shocked fans when they did an Instagram Live together…

Kim Jin Young and Kim Se Jun on Instagram Live 

At first, it was just Jin Young and bestie Kim Se Jun, but fans couldn’t hide their excitement when fellow contestant Shin Dong Woo joined.

They were then joined by Shin Dong Woo 

Yet, what was even more surprising was that Dong Woo seemed to be out, and he wasn’t alone. In fact, netizens and Jin Young were shocked when they realized that Dong Woo was actually with fellow contestant Lim Min Su.

Netizens and Jin Young were shocked when Dong Woo revealed he was with fellow contestant Lim Min Su 

It would’ve been a shock for Jin Young to see Dong Woo with Min Su, especially considering his past with her.

Min Su had been seen as the “villain” because her constant and unwavering feelings toward Jin Young had been the center of criticism during the show, especially when it came to Lee Nadine.

Yet, what was funnier was when Dong Woo passed the phone to Min Su. Although the two had a rocky past on the island, there didn’t seem to be any hard feelings, and Jin Young couldn’t hide his shock at seeing the two unlikely contestants together.

Rather than avoid the topic, Jin Young went straight in and asked, “Do you have a boyfriend, Min Su?” When Min Su seemed flustered and asked, “What?” Jin Young just repeated the question.

Min Su seemingly didn’t hear what he said, but after hearing the question, she replied, “Why, suddenly?” But it was obvious why Jin Young was asking because he wanted all the gossip.

Of course, Jin Young wasn’t going to let it go so quickly as he added, “I thought Dong Woo hyungnim was kind of like… something, something about a boyfriend, so…”

Hilariously, before Jin Young could get any more information, Dong Woo took the phone off Min Su and just said, “Dex…” as if he wanted to change the topic.

When Dong Woo left and it was only Jin Young left, he had the funniest reaction as he explained that he was shocked by the unexpected situation he’d just seen.

Of course, when the broadcast ended, social media was flooded with fans wondering what the situation between Dong Woo and Min Su was.

Unsurprisingly, many believed that the two might be dating as it seemed like an oddly intimate place to be meeting in the evening alone. It was also surprising as neither had shown any signs of any chemistry or friendship while on the island.

Although neither Dong Woo nor Min Su confirmed their relationship status, it’s not surprising that people assume they are dating. Hopefully, fans found out sooner rather than later.
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