“Single’s Inferno 2” Contestant Lee Min Su Has Become The Show’s “Villain” After Netizens Criticize Her “Shady” Behavior Towards Nadine

She’s become “Public Enemy Number One!”

After the success of the first series, Netflix brought back Single’s Inferno for the second series. The show follows a group of single Korean men and women trying to find love on the deserted island “Inferno” for the chance to escape to “Paradise” (resort) with the person they like.

As expected, with an influx of new contestants, netizens have been sharing their opinions on the new series and those taking part.

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Although the show is close to its end, new contestants recently made their debut on the show. Along with fan favorite Kim Se Jun, another new contestant was introduced, and she was Lim Min Su.

Contestant Lee Min Su | Netflix

From the minute she made her introduction, she confessed in her self-introduction that she appeared soft and talkative on the outside. Yet, she is really strong. When something needs to be dealt with, she handles it “head-on.”

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Unsurprisingly, like most of the contestants, when Min Su arrived on the island, she seemed to have a soft spot for Kim Jin Young. On her first trip to “Paradise,” she picked the handsome contestant.

Contestant Kim Jin Young | Netflix

Yet, although the contestant was initially praised for her beauty, she has seemingly become the villain of this year’s series, all because of fan-favorite Lee Nadine.

Contestant Lee Nadine | Netflix

Throughout the series, Harvard student Nadine has gained attention for her charming personality, brains, and visuals. After struggling to find a guy for her, she also fell for Jin Young.

From their very first interaction, netizens were obsessed with the duo’s connection to each other.

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Many netizens even noticed that Jin Young would adapt his speech, incorporating English so that Nadine would feel more comfortable.

In the recent episodes, Nadine came third in a game that allowed her to pick someone to go to “Paradise” with. Ahead of her decision, she went to chat with Jin Young, and, of course, their chemistry was undeniable.

Yet, while they were chatting, the camera quickly panned to Lim Min Su, who was making her way toward the duo.

Suddenly, while Nadine and Jin Young were talking, Lee Min Su appeared. While the timing couldn’t be worse, Nadine showcased her true personality by greeting her fellow contestant.

Taking a seat, there was an awkward silence… but Nadine continued to be the better person as she gave Min Su her blanket and left the two to speak, even though she had been there first.

After the episode, Min Su seemingly became “Public Enemy Number One” as netizens couldn’t hide their anger at her decision. Even though they’d been to “Paradise,” and Min Su knew about Nadine’s feelings, she still chose to pick him.

What made the decision worse was when Min Su first took Jin Young to “Paradise,” he made it clear that he didn’t see her in a romantic way and that he wanted to speak to other people. He even politely brought it up again during their second time off the island.

There are only two episodes left of the series, and it will be interesting to see how the relationships between the contestants continue to develop. While Min Su might have rubbed netizens the wrong way, many hope she has a redemption arc.

You can read more about Lee Min Su below.

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