Meet Lim Min Su: The New Beautiful “Single’s Inferno 2” Contestant Who Has A Lot In Common With Choi Seo Eun

Inferno is getting hotter and more intense!

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Netflix‘s hit reality dating Single’s Inferno recently returned for Season 2. It focuses on a group of sexy single Korean men and women trying to find love on the deserted island “Inferno” for the chance to escape to “Paradise” (resort) with their partner.

Single’s Inferno 2 introduced us to the instantly popular Kim Jin Young last week, who is no stranger to TV. Yet, the show is keeping things interesting but introducing even more contestants…

Kim Jin Young | Netflix

In Episode 6, we were introduced to not one but two new contestants. The dapper Kim Se Jun, who has a connection to last season’s Oh Jin Taek, walked out to greet the current cast first…

Kim Se Jun (left) and Oh Jin Taek (right) | @asser__kim/Instagram

Shortly after his arrival, the elegant Lim Min Su appeared.

Lim Min Su | Netflix

She confessed in her self-introduction that she appears soft and talkative on the outside. Yet, she is really strong. When something needs to be dealt with, she handles it “head-on.”


So, since she is joining the show late and likes a specific type of guy, she will focus on finding and pursuing him.


She will be going to Paradise next episode, and based on previews, it appears that Jo Yoong Jae will be the one who caught her attention.

Jo Yoong Jae (left) and Lim Min Su (right) | Netflix

Until we escape Inferno for Paradise, let’s get to know the new woman on Single’s Inferno 2

Based on her Instagram (@limminsu000), Min Su is a model for bridal gowns (wedding dresses).

According to netizens, she was born in 1997 and is currently a student attending the Duksung Women’s University Department of Oriental Painting. So, she paints, which interestingly is very similar to Yoong Jae’s current love interest, Choi Seo Eun, who is an artist.

Their similarities do not end there, though. Choi Seo Eun is best known for being crowned Miss Korea in 2021.

Likewise, Min Su competed in the pageant. It was the year prior to Seo Eun’s, and Min Su did not win.

But she called it an “unforgettable” experience in which her “dreams came true.”

So, these ladies have three things in common: painting, Miss Korea, and Yoong Jae. Single’s Inferno 2 will surely get competitive…

Seo Eun | Netflix

There are many contestants’ similarities and connections. In 2020, both Shin Seul Ki and Shin Ji Yeon (from Season 1) were finalists in The 90th Miss Chunhyang Pageant.

Shin Seul Ki (the third woman from left) and Shin Ji Yeon (the fourth woman)

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