Where Have You Seen New “Single’s Inferno 2” Contestant Kim Jin Young Before? He’s Already Been On Other Shows

He’s no stranger to the screen.

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Netflix‘s hit Korean dating show Single’s Inferno 2 just introduced us to a new contestant, but this is certainly not the first time we have seen him…

At the end of Episode 3, we were introduced to the new “shy guy,” Kim Jin Young, who absolutely demolished the competition in the men’s game.

Kim Jin Young | Netflix

He certainly caught all the ladies’ attention, and viewers also love him. Many are saying his vibe is similar to that of BTS‘s Jungkook.

Kim Jin Young | Netflix

It’s not his similarities to Jungkook that have viewers wondering why he seems so familiar, though. Kim Jin Young has actually appeared in at least three other variety shows before.

Kim Jin Young is also known as DEX. He is actually a well-known YouTuber/Streamer.

Not only that, but he is a former ROKN UDT/SEAL. It’s no wonder he won that game in Single’s Inferno in a matter of seconds!

Kim Jin Young is also part of the broadcasting & media production company kthd studio.

He has appeared in a few variety shows recently. In 2021, he was on the survival show Bloody Game.

Do you have a must-win method? Survival of the winner-take-all survival game! Overwhelming scale, spectacular sights. More detailed and sophisticated survival rules! Cheery tactics include basic, secret conspiracy, and betrayal. If you need money, you can use any means! At the scene of desperate survival with money, a new formula for ‘Survival Game’ will be born! Who will be the last one to take the throne of blood?

— MyDramaList’s description for Bloody Game

Also that year, Kim Jin Young was in Toy Soldiers: Fake Men 2. It was described as a “real variety show,” and viewers actually could watch it in cinemas in ScreenX and 4DX.

YouTube’s most talked about, the extreme story of the fake beyond the real thing. ‘You can do it! Overcome it!’ Fake Men 2, a real variety show that resonates with the real world, showing “real” in a world where fakes are popular, deviates from the palm-sized screen and approaches the audience more realistically through the big screen.

— MyDramaList’s description for Toy Soldiers: Fake Men 2

Single’s Inferno fans probably would best recognize Kim Jin Young from Love & Joy, though. It is another dating reality show. You can clearly spot him in the poster below.

‘Love & Joy’ is a new concept of love observation reality that contains the process of finding an answer to the question, ‘Is it possible to be friends between a man and a woman?’

— MyDramaList’s description for Love & Joy 

Kim Jin Young surely gets around. He even appeared in Queen WA$ABII‘s “Night Time Love” MV.

As mentioned before, he is active on social media. So, you can follow him @dex_xeb on Instagram. He posts everything from gym selfies to boyfriend pics.

Read more about him below.

New “Single’s Inferno 2” Male Contestant Reminds Netizens Of BTS’s Jungkook

Source: MyDramaList

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