“Single’s Inferno 2” Kim Jin Young Spills To Lee Nadine The Three Contestants On His Mind Ahead Of His Final Decision

One of his picks might surprise you!

Single’s Inferno was definitely the hottest show that warmed up netizens’ winter while it was airing. Even though it’s ended, the cast has seen their popularity increase massively, with everyone wanting to know about them.

One of the hottest contestants that seemingly caught the attention of both the others on the island and fans was Kim Jin Young.

Kim Jin Young | Netflix

Specifically, the women that seemed to showcase their interest were Shin Seul Ki, Lee Nadine, and Lim Min Su.

Shin Seul Ki | Netflix

Lee Nadine | Netflix

Lim Min Su | Netflix

Recently, netizens were obsessed with the fact that Jin Young appeared in a video with Lee Nadine where they discussed some TMI from the filming of the series.

Aside from revealing the reasons behind why he didn’t pick Lee Nadine in the final episode…

The two contestants watched some of the scenes from the show, and one included the iconic talk that they had on the beach. During the scene, Jin Young revealed to Nadine that he was confused about the kind of person he was looking for.

I’m not sure if I like someone that makes me curious, or if I like someone that makes my heart beat, or if I like someone who I have fun around.

— Kim Jin Young

Of course, upon hearing that, Nadine wanted to know which contestants on the show matched each description, as it might have helped netizens understand his choice.

Nadine then gave Jin Young each option, and he picked the female contestant from the show that suited each description.

Nadine: Heart pound is~

Jin Young: Seul Ki

Nadine: Fun person is~

Jin Young: Se Jeong

Nadine: Curious?

Jin Young: Nadine!

Although Seul Ki and Nadine weren’t surprising, many netizens would’ve been surprised to see Se Jeong’s name as there didn’t seem to be any interest from Jin Young, especially at this point.

Yet, it would’ve been nice to see as many netizens found it shocking that not only did nobody pick Se Jeong, but she didn’t have a chance to go to “Paradise.”

Kim Se Jeong | Netflix

Yet, the reason why his picks made the decision to pick Seul Ki more understandable. Although he had a good time with the other two, the chemistry with Seul Ki was undeniable.


Even though Jin Young and Nadine didn’t get their happy ending, it seems like they’re good friends and can look back on their time on the island fondly… even if Nadine revealed that the person who matched her ideal type the most was Jin Young.

You can read more from the video below.

“Single’s Inferno 2” Contestant Kim Jin Young Reveals The Real Reason Behind Not Picking Lee Nadine During The Final Episode

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