“Single’s Inferno 2” Contestant Lee Nadine Exposes How The Amount Of Editing Impacted The Portrayal Of Her Relationships

“The reality was very different…”

Like all reality shows, Single’s Inferno unsurprisingly edits the footage they get in a certain way to advance stories and make viewers more interested. Yet, this can sometimes mean that important moments are missed as they’re deemed “unnecessary.”

Recently, fan favorite Lee Nadine did an interview where she spilled on the reality of the show and how editing impacted her portrayal.

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During the show, Lee Nadine was one of the fan favorites, and, despite not finding love, she won the hearts of viewers.

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In a recent interview with ELLE Singapore, Nadine spilled on the editing that took place during the show and how it impacted her portrayal on the show.

In particular, Nadine revealed that after watching the shows, many of her conversations with the other contestants were cut “In order to advance particular plotlines.”

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Along with setting the record straight about the reality of her relationship with Kim Jin Young, she revealed that compared to what was seen, her bonds with other male contestants weren’t done justice.

In particular, during her date with Dong Woo, it seemed very serious, with both contestants discussing their careers.

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Yet, it seems like the reality couldn’t have been further from the truth. Nadine revealed that the date was actually a lot of fun, and although they had serious conversations, it wasn’t the whole story.

The reality of our date was very different from what was depicted on television. Overall, it was enjoyable and lighthearted, and I had a great time. Throughout the entire date, we engaged in both serious and amusing conversations.

— Lee Nadine

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Along with finding love, the contestants all created strong friendships, and one that wasn’t shown enough was Nadine’s bond with Choi Jong Woo.

Contestant Choi Jong Woo | Netflix

In the interview, Nadine showcased her closeness with Jong Woo and shared that it started because of her admiration and jealousy of him.

The key reason for my friendship with Jong Woo was my admiration for his sincerity and commitment. I felt a little envious since I wanted to have his experience. Because of this and the many conversations we had, I ended up turning into his cheerleader and wing woman.

— Lee Nadine

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Yet, Nadine isn’t the first person to reveal that the editing of the show meant that netizens missed important footage. In an interview, Jo Yoong Jae revealed that the wrestling game scene went over 30 minutes and missed out on a lot of the action.

The contestant revealed that the reason behind his controversial decision to team with Kim Jin Young against Choi Jong Woo was missing. In reality, he was close with Shin Seul Ki and wanted to help her by allowing Jin Young the chance to take her to “Paradise.”

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Considering how the contestants were on the island, it isn’t surprising that many things got missed out. Yet, it seems like Single’s Inferno missed out on some vital parts which would’ve showcased Nadine’s real experience.

You can read more about the show’s editing below.

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Source: ELLE Singapore

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