The “Single’s Inferno 2” Men Aren’t All Prince Charmings In Real Life—TikToker Claims Some Are Far From Gentlemen

She claims at least two are really “f*ckboys.”

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A TikToker is attempting to expose the fakeness of Netflix‘s hit reality show Single’s Inferno, specifically its second season.

In Single’s Inferno 2, eligible single Korean men and women met in Inferno (deserted island), hoping to find love. Three couples escaped in the finale together.

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Since then, the entire cast appears quite close, hanging out since the show ended, much to viewers’ excitement. Single’s Inferno fans have loved this season due to the kindhearted personalities of contestants, especially gentlemen, such as Kim Se Jun, Kim Han Bin, and Choi Jong Woo.

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Yet, TikToker Anita (@anitacorbalann) is “exposing” a couple of the male contestants as far from gentlemen.

This is for people who are watching Single’s Inferno, don’t live in Korea, and don’t know how this country works.

— Anita

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Anita explained that she has been living in Korea for over a year. Since it’s actually quite small, she has met at least two male contestants from Single’s Inferno 2. 

This country is very small. This first season caught me off guard because I had only recently arrived in the country, but I’ve been here for a year now. Almost a year and a half. Okay? Two guys over there that I’m not going to name names. Two guys.

— Anita

From left: Kim Jin Young, Jo Yoong Jae, Shin Dong Woo, and Kim Han Bin | Netflix

She revealed that she has seen one partying numerous times. Anita described him as a “f*ckboy.”

One I’ve seen partying 1,000 times. He’s a f*ckboy like all the people here…

— Anita

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Anita claimed she had been at the other male contestant’s friend’s house, so they drank together. She had a lot to say about him, saying he allegedly tried to sleep with her friend several times. Claiming to know their “true personalities,” Anita can’t stand to watch Single’s Inferno 2. 

But it’s just the other one … I’ve been to his friend’s house. I’ve drunk with him, everything, and he’s another piece of filth like everyone else here. And I love how they act in the series. I mean, I just can’t even watch it because the first season still caught me like that, but it’s just that now I watch it and say, ‘But what a fake.’ For God’s sake, if that man tried to get with my friend 300 times. I’ve seen him in almost his underwear.

— Anita


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The TikTok resurfaced on a Single’s Inferno 2 Reddit recently. Naturally, netizens are trying to guess who the guilty men are. “Walking Green Flag” Kim Se Jun is technically not a possibility since he had not yet joined the series when Anita posted the original video.

Some netizens are expressing that they are not surprised by the men’s alleged behavior. For one thing, people behave differently based on environment, alcohol, etc.

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