Netizen Detectives Believe “Single’s Inferno 2” Star Nadine Got Her Happy Ending With An Unexpected Contestant

A recent Instagram story has gained attention from netizens!

The end of 2022 saw the return of one of the hottest dating shows on Netflix, and it was Single’s Inferno 2. After the first series’ success, netizens couldn’t wait to see the newest contestants and follow them on their journey to find true love.

“Single’s Inferno 2” poster | Netflix

One of the most popular contestants is Nadine.

“Single’s Inferno 2” contestant Nadine | Netflix

Since making her first appearance on the show, she has gained attention for basically having both brains and beauty. It was revealed that Nadine studies at the infamous Harvard University and is majoring in neuroscience.

Although the star has gained attention from fans worldwide, her journey for love hasn’t been as simple. At the start, she seemingly had a connection with Shin Dong Woo

Nadine and Shin Dong Woo | Netflix
| Netflix

But he quickly found interest somewhere else and was deemed “unworthy” of Nadine. She has recently been sparking a connection with Kim Jin Young as the two have started to showcase their chemistry.

Nadine and Kim Jin Young | Netflix

Ahead of the show’s next episodes, Nadine has gone viral on TikTok after netizens believe she might have actually found true love… on the island.

As the world started celebrating New Year’s Day, Nadine was no exception as she shared her own picture to celebrate the start of 2022… with a guy! In the photo, Nadine was seemingly at a club and seemed cozy with a man who had his face covered.

Like the last series, netizen detectives made their return, and the reason that it gained attention was that many believed it was none other than fellow contestant Kim Han Bin.

Han Bin has also gained a lot of attention. From looking like actor Nam Joo Hyuk, his amazing cooking skills, and basically taking forever for fans to see a glimpse of his happy ending, the contestant has truly captured the hearts of viewers.

Contestant Kim Han Bin | Netflix

Although it seems impossible that Han Bin could be the mystery man, as the duo has really only been seen in a friend’s capacity, netizens have found proof.

In the photo posted by Nadine, many noticed that the man was wearing a very intricate silver ring.

Of course, it could be any ring, but netizens quickly found a picture on Han Bin’s Instagram where he was seemingly wearing the exact same accessory.

| @domestic_seal/Instagram

When the video was posted, it immediately gained millions of views, with netizens sharing their support if the photo is some sort of confirmation that the two got together.

Yet, others have pointed out that while it could be Han Bin, there are several other explanations, including they were going as friends or it was another person whose identity Nadine wanted to protect.

Of course, netizens will have to wait for the show to conclude to see whether there is any chance that Nadine and Han Bin really got together. If it’s true, they are truly a star couple, and if it’s someone else, everyone will be happy that Nadine seemingly got her happy ending.

You can read more about Nadine below.

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