Netizens Believe “Single’s Inferno 2” Contestant Park Se Jeong Might Have A New Relationship With Someone Unexpected

It’s all because her latest Instagram posts!

After the end of Single’s Inferno 2, it isn’t surprising that netizens want to follow the contestants and see which couples stay strong and who find true love.

Well, it seems like one of the contestants might have found her happy ending with the most unexpected person.

“Single’s Inferno 2” poster | Netflix

Although many of the stars seemingly found love, among the contestants who had the toughest journey, Park Se Jeong was someone who deserved more.

Contestant Park Se Jeong | Netflix

During the show, Se Jeong won the hearts of fans with her beauty and charisma, and it seemed impossible that she, and Choi Jong Woo, were the only contestants who didn’t go to “Paradise.”

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Even away from the island, her beauty is ethereal, and it seems impossible that she didn’t capture the hearts of any of the contestants during the episodes.

| @jennonpark/Instagram
| @jennonpark/Instagram

Well, it seems like Se Jeong might have found her happy ending.. with none other than season one contestant Moon Se Hoon. Like Se Jeong, Se Hoon’s time on the island was anything but easy.

At first, fans were impressed with his willingness to help take care of the contestants, as he became the main chef on the island. Se Hoon also famously “struggled” as he pined over contestant Shin Ji Yeon.

Moon Se Hoon | Netflix

During his series, Se Hoon gained mixed reactions when it became apparent that despite any other female contestant’s possible interest in him, he was exclusively going to pursue Ji Yeon, whether or not she wanted him to. Many even believed his behavior was “creepy.”

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In their recent Instagram posts, netizens noticed that both Se Jeong and Se Hoon seemed to be in the same location at the same time.

It didn’t stop there as a later photo showed the two at the same venue taking pictures of the same DJ. In particular, for the second set of photos, the time stamps were very close to each other and made it seem like they were together at the same venue.

Yet, while it could just be a coincidence, past interactions Se Jeong has had with Se Hoon could prove otherwise.

Recently, Se Jeong shared a story with the caption, “It’s been a while solji.” Solji is a shortened way of saying “Solo Inferno” because the show is Solo Jiok in Korean. It seemed like she was reuniting with contestants, but there weren’t any hints about who she was meeting.

Se Jeong then posted a picture with Se Hoon. The caption, “Today you’re a ‘cute boy,’” also gained attention for the flirtiness alongside the fact the two seemed very close in the photo.

After the posts were shared, netizens on social media couldn’t hide their thoughts that maybe it was more than just a coincidence and Se Jeong might have found her happily ever after with Se Hoon.

Are Se Jeong and Sehoon just friends? 🤔 Photos were posted by them today. Also, notice the timestamps. from Singlesinferno2

Although it might just be a coincidence or two friends hanging out, it would be nice for both Se Jeong and Se Hoon to find happiness because of the show, even if it’s through unconventional means.

You can read more about their first meeting below.

“Single’s Inferno 2” Contestant Park Se Jeong Gains Attention After Having An Unexpected “Date” With A Male Contestant From A Previous Series

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