“Single’s Inferno 2” Contestant Park Se Jeong Gains Attention After Having An Unexpected “Date” With A Male Contestant From A Previous Series

Could Se Jeong have found romance somewhere unexpected?

With Single’s Inferno 2 over, it is time for the contestants to start sharing their lives with netizens.

“Single’s Inferno 2” poster | Netflix

In particular, following the ending of the show, one contestant recently gained attention for her activities, and it’s Park Se Jeong. As soon as she walked down the beach and made her introduction, she was praised for her outstanding visuals and beauty.

Contestant Park Se Jeong | Netflix

Along with her visuals, netizens couldn’t hide their shock when, along with Choi Jong Woo, she was the only contestant who didn’t go to “Paradise,” and she left the island alone.

| Netflix
| Netflix

On Instagram, Se Jeong is not afraid to share her life with netizens and is often praised for her gorgeous posts.

| @jennonpark/Instagram
| @jennonpark/Instagram

Recently, Se Jeong shared a story with the caption, “It’s been a while solji.” Solji is a shortened way of saying “Solo Inferno” because the show is Solo Jiok in Korean.

It was nice that she seemed to be reuniting with contestants, but there weren’t any hints about who she was meeting.

That was until Se Jeong posted another picture with none other than season one contestant Moon Se Hoon!

Netizens couldn’t contain their excitement and curiosity when Se Jeong posted a picture with Moon Se Hoon and the caption, “Today you’re a ‘cute boy.'” Along with the flirty caption, the two seemed very close in the photo.

Park Se Jeong (left) and Moon Se Hoon (right)

Of course, during his series, Se Hoon had a rollercoaster journey.

At first, fans were impressed with his willingness to help take care of the contestants, as he became the main chef on the island. Se Hoon also famously “struggled” as he pined over contestant Shin Ji Yeon.

Moon Se Hoon | Netflix

However, viewers’ opinions of Se Hoon quickly shifted when it became apparent that despite any other female contestant’s possible interest in him, he was exclusively going to pursue Ji Yeon, whether or not she wanted him to. Many even believed his behavior was “creepy.”

| Netflix

Yet, netizens quickly realized it was far from the truth, especially after he became more vocal about his time on the show.

Yet, Se Jeong isn’t the first person to gain attention for interactions with contestants from the previous series. It is no secret that Kim Se Jun actually works at Ascottage, which is owned by Oh Jin Taek.

Kim Se Jun (left) and Oh Jin Taek (right) | @asser__kim/Instagram
| @asser__kim/Instagram

Lee Nadine and Shin Dong Woo also gained attention when they were seen with series one contestant Kim Jun Sik, as they are all in the medical profession in some way.

It seems like the contestants from both series are getting close, and it’s so wholesome to see. They are the only people who know what it’s like, so it’s not surprising to see them together and probably talk about their experiences.

You can read more about the cast from season two meeting with those from season one below.

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