“Single’s Inferno 2” Contestant Nadine Is Spotted With A Male Contestant Following The Show Ending

There are multiple plot twists…

With the latest series of Single’s Inferno 2 coming to an end, netizens anticipate what the future holds for all contestants. Have any of them stayed in contact, or are there any blossoming relationships? 

“Single’s Inferno 2” poster | Netflix

Recently, fan-favorite Lee Nadine gained attention after being spotted with two Single’s Inferno contestants.

Contestant Lee Nadine | Netflix

From the minute Nadine stepped onto the island, she gained attention for not only her dazzling beauty but the fact that she is also a student at Harvard.

Yet, despite being beautiful, smart, and charismatic, Nadine has yet to find luck with love. After finally feeling something toward Kim Jin Young, it didn’t seem to be going her way after Min Su chose to take him to “Paradise.”

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Although netizens still have high hopes that Nadine finds love, and it may have already been spoiled, netizens were shocked after Nadine was spotted with not one but two male contestants from the show… but not just this series.

On social media, netizens shared that Nadine and Dong Woo have reunited outside of the show. In a photo shared, both the contestant’s Instagram accounts were tagged.

This initially excited fans because during the show, the duo did have interactions and shared common traits, such as their professions.

Nadine and Dong Woo | Netflix
| Netflix

While Nadine is studying at Harvard with a major in neuroscience, Dong Woo is a plastic surgeon and got his medical degree from Yonsei University. In one episode, Nadine even pointed out that she also wanted to go into plastic surgery.

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Yet, if that wasn’t enough, the account that shared it was a familiar one to Single’s Inferno fans. It was none other than series one contestant Kim Jun Sik.

Kim Jun Sik | @juncore_/ Instagram

Throughout the series,  he gained attention for his gentleman-like attitude and admiration for his fellow contestant, who fans also thought deserved more, An Yea Won. Although it ended up as just a friendship, he was someone who netizens thought deserved more.

Kim Jun Sik (left) and An Yea Won (right) | Netflix

Well, it seems like he was also at the meeting, and it was confirmed when another user posted a selfie with the three of them, along with someone else.

Yet, before netizens get too excited ahead of the season finale, it seems like rather than anything romantic, the meeting was either due to friendship or work. Although their romantic relationship didn’t work out, many pointed out that they were seen together often as friends.

One person even said it could be due to work. Nadine is studying neuroscience, Dong Woo is a plastic surgeon, and Jun Sik is also in a similar field. It was revealed that the former contestant is the owner of a health products company, Kamee.

A product from Kim Jun Sik’s brand | WADIZ

Although it might not be for romantic reasons, the fact that not only are Dong Woo and Nadine still friends, but they’re contacting those from other series has fans very excited.

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