“Single’s Inferno 2” Contestant Shin Seul Ki’s Interactions With Kim Jin Young And Choi Jong Woo Statement May Have Foreshadowed The Shocking Finale

Did netizens miss all the signs in episode 9?

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Single’s Inferno 2 finally came to an end after weeks of watching a new set of contestants trying to find true love. With some shocking results from the finale, it seems like there were a lot of unexpected things happening in the final episodes.

It seems like some of the scenes from episode nine both foreshadowed the final decisions but also made them more shocking.

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One of the most popular female contestants amongst the male contestants was Shin Seul Ki.

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In the end, Shin Seul Ki shocked fans in the finale. Unsurprisingly, the contestant received a lot of attention until the end. She was actually picked by Choi Jong Woo, Kim Jin Young, and Shin Dong Woo.

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With so many choices, and with Jin Young as one of the people she could pick, netizens couldn’t hide their shock when Seul Ki picked Jong Woo. Even the hosts started crying after seeing Jong Woo get picked and his wholesome reaction.

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Yet, as shocked as fans were, it might have been to viewers when she chose Jong Woo, it seems like there might have been some foreshadowing in the ninth episode that could’ve changed her mind.

In a preview for episode 9, Seul Ki was shown chatting with Jin Young away from the other contestants. During their time together, the duo was discussing the previous challenge, which saw the male contestants battle for a chance to pick someone to go to “Paradise” with.

In the end, Jin Young came third and explained how he knew that Jong Woo would pick Seul Ki to go to “Paradise,” as he had placed second.

He then explained how, when they had been to “Paradise,” Seul Ki impacted him in some way. Seul Ki even joked that Jin Young used the word “Impact” a lot during his time on the island.

After realizing that he couldn’t pick Seul Ki, she asked if he had someone in mind to go with. He said he did, and when asked about what criteria he had used, Jin Young explained that it was someone “whose identity” he was interested in…. which turned out to be Lee Nadine.

After Jong Woo chose Seul Ki to go to “Paradise,” one scene seemingly stood out and even made the hosts emotional. When asked about her feelings, Seul Ki shockingly seemed uncertain about which decision to make, meaning that she might have already had doubts about Jin Young at that time.

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Jong Woo then made hearts melt as he revealed that because he liked her so much and for so long…

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He was preparing himself to be hurt by her decision, no matter what choice she made. It seemed like Jong Woo assumed that he wouldn’t be picked, as many netizens did.

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Yet, the reason it seems so odd was that maybe all of these interactions with Seul Ki and the male contestants influenced the final decision but also surprised fans.

With all of the clips, there were thoughts that Jin Young would pick Nadine (and he almost tricked netizens into believing he did…)

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When Seul Ki eventually chose Jong Woo, it could be that she saw just how much Jong Woo liked her and that he was willing to be hurt if he followed his heart or that she wanted more certainty. While Jin Young picked her in the end, he had always been more open to speaking to other people, unlike Jong Woo.

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