“Single’s Inferno 2” Star Kim Jin Young Shocks Fans With An Unexpected Talent

Is there anything he can’t do?

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Kim Jin Young (also known as DEX) stole his fellow Single’s Inferno 2 contestants’ and viewers’ hearts when he joined the cast.

Kim Jin Young | Netflix

We soon found out he was not just handsome. He is a former ROKN UDT/SEAL and incredibly athletic.

Currently, he is a YouTuber/streamer. So, Jin Young frequently creates content online.

Yet, he also has appeared on several reality shows besides Single’s Inferno 2. Jin Young will be on Netflix‘s Zombieverse.

But before that, he guested on King of Masked Singer. In the recent episode, “BBQ” was unmasked and revealed to be Kim Jin Young!

The identity of ‘King of Masked Singer’ BBQ was me! Thank you so much it was an honor to have everyone listen to me despite not being someone who sings well.

— Kim Jin Young

Videos of his unmasking and final performance have circulated online, too, as netizens are shocked to discover Jin Young’s “hidden talent.” Clips are going viral as they admire his voice, although he humbly claimed not to sing well in his Instagram caption.


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Fans are happy for Jin Young that he is continuing to appear on so many shows. They hope this is just the beginning for him because clearly, he has so much talent!

| @kdramant/TikTok

Watch the full video below.

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