Choi Hye Seon Seemingly Hints That She Is Dating “Single’s Inferno 3” Co-Star Lee Gwan Hee

Are they finally coming out?!

Choi Hye Seon may have just confirmed that she was indeed dating Lee Gwan Hee.

Choi Hye Seon 
Lee Gwan Hee | @leegwanhee0429/Instagram

Recently, Choi Hye Seon uploaded a photo to her Instagram. In the photo, Choi Hye Seon can be seen leaning against a wall. The influencer captioned her post, writing “LEFT HANDED GIANT” [sic].

Many felt that Choi Hye Seon’s post was alluding to Lee Gwan Hee, who is a left-handed basketball player.

Tiebreaker Times

Giving credence to their dating rumors, Lee Gwan Hee responded to the post by asking her, “Basketball court when?

Now it is being reported that Choi Hye Seon liked a message asking if she was dating her Single’s Inferno 3 co-star, seemingly hinting at the fact that the two were dating.

This isn’t the first time that the couple have been linked together. Previously, netizens claimed the two were dating while citing several pieces of alleged evidence. You can read more about them in the link below.

“Single’s Inferno 3” Contestant Lee Gwan Hee Answers If He Is Currently Dating Choi Hye Seon

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