“Single’s Inferno 3” Viewers Fiercely Divided Over Kim Gyu Ri’s Behavior

Many don’t like how she treated Min Woo.

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Netflix‘s Single’s Inferno 3 released its finale today, revealing the endgame couples.

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Fans of the show are now divided over contestant Kim Gyu Ri‘s recent behavior.

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When viewers first met Gyu Ri in Episode 1, many were taken aback by her “rude” behavior toward Choi Hye Seon, who complimented her. She was deemed not a “girl’s girl.”


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However, viewers began to feel more sympathetic toward her later in the series. She appeared to open up more, appealing to everyone.

Viewers especially felt for Gyu Ri when she went missing in an episode. In the episode before and after, she appeared with what appeared to be an IV drip bandage, raising health concerns.

Netizens became upset at Choi Min Woo as he cemented feelings for another woman, Yu Si Eun, while Gyu Ri was sick.

So, when Gyu Ri returned, she confronted Min Woo, reminding him that she requested him to “lay low” and not get distracted. But Min Woo couldn’t deny his feelings for Si Eun, especially when he knew Gyu Ri, too, had expressed interest in another man, Park Min Kyu.

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Viewers commended Gyu Ri for standing her ground and calling out Min Woo. Many referred to her as “queen” and “mother,” terms used affectionately for a powerful woman.

Yet, other viewers disagreed with these sentiments. They felt she was gaslighting, rude, and insensitive toward Min Woo, and the panelists leaned more toward this opinion against her.

Viewers believe Gyu Ri was using her age difference against him. Yet, according to netizens, she was also acting childishly.

Many claimed Gyu Ri was hypocritical. They pointed out that her problem with Min Woo was that he was indecisive between two women, indicating he must not really like her. Yet, she confessed to another contestant earlier in the episode that she had not yet picked between Min Woo and Min Kyu.

So, when Gyu Ri left with Min Kyu at the end, netizens had mixed feelings. Read more below.

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