The Extreme Lengths Two “Single’s Inferno 3” Contestants Went To Fulfill Korean Beauty Standards

The show means they’d be open to scrutiny about their looks.

There’s no denying that Single’s Inferno picks some of the most beautiful and handsome Koreans possible to appear on the show. Over the years, there have been models, beauty queens, and many more stars that have gained attention for their visuals, sometimes sparking anger over the “Korean standards of beauty.”

“Single’s Inferno” contestant Song Ji A | Netflix
“Single’s Inferno 2” contestant Jong Woo | Netflix

It was the same for Single’s Inferno 3, which saw men and women with visuals that were truly spectacular.

“Single’s Inferno 3” poster | Netflix

Yet, two contestants have admitted to extreme diets and changes in lifestyle ahead of the show starting to look their best, and it’s Choi Hye Seon and Son Won Ik. For most people, both contestants truly fit the narrative of “Korean beauty.”

“Single’s Inferno 3” contestant Hye Seon | Netflix
“Single’s Inferno 3” Son Won Ik | Netflix

On January 17, Won Ik surprised fans by having Hye Seon on his YouTube channel, where they gave fans more of an insight into the show.

One of the first questions Won Ik had was whether there were any interesting stories Hye Seon had while preparing for the show, which was actually filmed in the summer of 2023 ahead of airing in the winter.

Shockingly, Hye Seon revealed that she did an extreme diet ahead of the show, explaining that she had been in the US and how she believed she’d gained a lot of weight.

Hye Seon believed that she had to lose 10-12kg for her to feel her “Prettiest.”

She then revealed that she did intense dieting for the months leading up to the show, including one month of intermediate fasting and another month of managing her diet.

Men also have strict standards, and Won Ik pointed out that he was aware of the games where the men had to take their shirts off.

He explained that 2-3 months before the show started, weight training became part of his routine, which was something completely new.

Won Ik then added that to help build muscles, he also calculated his carb and protein intake to help create the perfect look.

Of course, Hye Seon and Won Ik would’ve looked amazing regardless but with such strict standards in Korea and being open to criticism, it’s not surprising that they went to extreme lengths to “look good.”


Source: Son Wonik

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