“Single’s Inferno 3” Contestant Min Ji Is Called Out For Her “Cringy” And “Disrespectful” Behavior

“This is so embarrassing…”

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Single’s Inferno 3 is coming to an end, and netizens are loving the most “drama-filled” series so far.

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Yet, contestant Cho Min Ji has been called out for her “cringy” and “disrespectful” behavior.

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In the recent episode, some of the contestants coupled up to head to Paradise.

Min Ji had chosen Min Kyu as her date for Paradise, and the duo sat next to Gwan Hee and Hye Seon. Yet, on the way to their date, netizens were shocked when she started poking Gwan Hee, seemingly ignoring her own date.

While Min Ji expected Gwan Hee to fold, the male contestant shocked fans by shaking her off, with many knowing how “whipped” he is for Hye Seon.

Even the panelists couldn’t hide their shock at Min Ji’s behavior, especially considering she had picked Min Kyu and was meant to be on a date with him.

Netizens couldn’t hide their shock when Min Ji started crying after Gwan Hee brushed her off.

Although Min Kyu could easily have been angry, the panel couldn’t hide their shock when he proved to be a true gentleman after giving Min Ji his shirt to wipe her tears.

If that wasn’t bad enough, she then apologized to Min Kyu who couldn’t have been more of a gentleman considering his date was “crying” over another man.

Min Ji then revealed that she was crying because of Gwan Hee’s sudden cold behavior to her after he had been extremely sweet.


When the clip was shared on social media, netizens couldn’t stop criticizing Minji’s behavior, calling her “cringy” and disrespectful to Hye Seon and Min Kyu.

While Minji gained criticism for her behavior, it also brought out positive comments for Gwan Hee. The male contestant has received mixed reactions from fans since the show started and was even called out for his disrespectful and cocky behavior.

“Single’s Inferno” Gwan Hee | Netflix

Yet, netizens praised Gwan Hee after he was seen “ignoring” Minji’s advances and focusing on Hye Seon, sharing how “down” he was for her that he wasn’t going to succumb to Minji’s behavior.

While many initially liked Minji, fans found her behavior “cringy” and especially hated how it was aimed at hurting fan-favorite Hye Seon.

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