“Single’s Inferno”‘s Cha Hyun Seung Has Exciting Career Plans That Have Nothing To Do With His Dance Background

What’s next for the reality show star and K-Pop dancer?

Single’s Inferno‘s contestant Cha Hyun Seung, like the rest of his fellow contestants, is relishing in his newfound popularity with his most recent magazine feature.

Dancer and “Single’s Inferno” contestant, Cha Hyun Seung | Netflix

On January 27, Men’s Health Korea dropped a few photos of Cha Hyun Seung and fellow Single’s Inferno contestant Kim Hyun Joong for their upcoming February issue. The Netflix reality star showed off his fit physique and his famous arm tattoo for the spread, while sharing some insight regarding his Single’s Inferno journey.

“Single’s Inferno” contestant Kim Hyun Joong (left) and Cha Hyun Seung (right) for “Men’s Health Korea.”

The K-Pop backup dancer candidly shared with Men’s Health Korea that he initially declined the casting offer to appear on the reality program, but was convinced otherwise by a few of his idol friends.

It was because of the advice from singer Sunmi and others in my life that [I appeared]. After being on the show, I was really glad I did so.

— Cha Hyun Seung

Sunmi (left) and Cha Hyun Seung have developed a close friendship due to their many years of working together. | @502bright/Instagram

He also revealed what it was really like filming with the other contestants on set of the show, to which he shared that everyone “relied on one another.” 

I really liked everyone I appeared on the show with. Even though we were in poor filming conditions, we relied on one another a lot.

— Cha Hyun Seung

| Men’s Health Korea

During his time with Men’s Health Korea, Cha Hyun Seung also disclosed his upcoming plans for his career. While many wondered what was next in store for the K-Pop dancer, it was during his interview that the Single’s Inferno contestant shared that he was currently preparing to begin his “journey as an actor.”

| @502bright/Instagram

Cha Hyun Seung grabbed the attention of all the female Single’s Inferno contestants and viewers upon his arrival midway into the dating series. He became a quick fan favorite with his tan skin, fit physique, and easy going personality. He chose to couple up with Ji A during the finale episode, but was left in his lonesome when she selected Kim Hyun Joong instead.

| Netflix

And while Single’s Inferno viewers grieved the conclusion of the reality program, it seems that we will be seeing Cha Hyun Seung as an actor on our television screens very soon.

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