“Single’s Inferno” Choi Si Hun Reportedly Cast In New BL Drama

He is going back to acting.

Singles’ Inferno star Choi Si Hun has reportedly been cast in upcoming BL drama New Employee.

According to an exclusive report from Hankook Ilbo, Choi Si Hun has decided to join the casting lineup for New Employee, an upcoming Watcha exclusive BL drama. The comic was originally produced in 2016 and was praised for its realistic interpretation of an office romance. In 2020, it was reproduced as a webtoon an won best webtoon at the BL Comic Awards.

New Employee is a drama that will showcase an office romance between Jongchan, a section leader at advertising company Workaholic, and Seunghyun, an intern cat the same company. Choi Si Hun would play the role of Yoo Sung, Seunghyun’s first love and college senior.

Choi Si Hun has been building up a filmography of short dramas and web dramas, but shot to fame through Single’s Inferno.

Source: Hankook Ilbo