“Single’s Inferno”‘s Choi Si Hun Discusses His Host Bar Scandal In Detail And Reveals How It All Began

He is putting the rumors to rest once and for all.

Single’s Inferno contestant Choi Si Hun recently sat down with YOURVIBES magazine, where he discussed a variety of his life topics—including his past host bar scandal.

“Single’s Inferno” contestant, Choi Si Hun | YOURVIBES

Choi Si Hun showed off his handsome visuals and short hair in his YOURVIBES pictorial, showing off his model-like abilities for the shoot. His relaxed poses and neutral expressions gave off different vibes from the puppy-dog image viewers saw on Single’s Inferno, which seemed to be Choi Si Hun’s goal for the photoshoot. The handsome reality star revealed his plans and wishes for his career, which included his desires for acting success.

I put my life on the line for acting. I realized I have nothing to lose since I’m not afraid of anything. I only have one life, so I decided to use it to become an actor. I feel like if I don’t succeed in this, I won’t be able to get married.

My goal for this year is to be in two productions. As an actor, I want to meet a production that takes my career to the next step.

— Choi Si Hun

The rising actor was asked about his sudden popularity after featuring on Single’s Inferno and whether or not he saw it coming. To this question, Choi Si Hun revealed that “[he] had no idea.”

I had no idea. There are so many dating variety programs and there were similar shows being broadcast on YouTube. I thought people wouldn’t be interested since it isn’t provocative, so I was surprised. My social media account followers increased. Before I appeared on the show, I was a bit nervous. However, it was a once in a lifetime kind of opportunity so I think of it as a good memory and learning experience.

— Choi Si Hun

Following this question, YOURVIBES asked Choi Si Hun about the downsides of sudden success, which included potential controversies. The Single’s Inferno contestant was previously swept up in a host bar scandal after photos of him at a bar began to circulate online—and YOURVIBES gave the actor an opportunity to talk about the situation in detail.

It all started as one malicious comment that attempted to slander my name. This comment spread all the way to China. I previously took a photo at a motor show part-time job with some fellow co-workers inside our dorm. That photo started to circulate in China with the headline ‘host bar player’ and ranked first on Weibo.

I lived a hard life, making ₩2.00 million KRW (about $1,670 USD) in two years time. I hated being ridiculed for the those times that I endured. It was following my explanation post that the situation made headlines in Korea.

— Choi Si Hun

He continued to explain the situation by sharing that he felt a duty to explain himself in his previous denial post since the allegations were not true. Choi Si Hun then continued to explain his work ethic and personality by detailing his past background as an actor trainee.

The issue became too big so at the time, I couldn’t just let it be. I wanted to say no since it wasn’t true. People who know me laughed at the rumor. I live a good life. I worked part-time at a convenience store and I’ve worked numerous other jobs before, but I have never worked any bad jobs. I would often gather with other actor trainees to study together because I wanted to achieve my acting dreams.

— Choi Si Hun

Following his Single’s Inferno appearance, Choi Si Hun began to skyrocket in popularity for his sweet personality and idol-like visuals. However, just days after his success, the reality show star was met with sudden host bar allegations as photos of the Single’s Inferno contestant at a bar began to take over headlines.

Choi Si Hun quickly denied all the rumors through his personal social media account, stating that he has never “done anything bad” in his life. You can read more about his previous denial here:

“Single’s Inferno” Choi Si Hun Clarifies Rumors About Having Worked In A Host Bar