Lee Jong Suk’s Netflix Look-Alike Is Sexy, Single, And Ready To Mingle

He’s no stranger to the spotlight.

Lee Jong Suk‘s unique, striking visuals are hard to ignore and impossible to replicate. That said, a new reality show star bears an uncanny resemblance to this veteran actor!

Lee Jong Suk | A-Man Project

Netflix‘s new dating show, Single’s Inferno, follows a cast of singles on their 8-day quest for love on a deserted island. The show has been compared to other popular dating shows, including Love Island and Too Hot To Handle.

Single’s Inferno poster

In Episode 1, contestant Choi Si Hun gained attention for his idol-like visuals.

Choi Si Hun | @choi_hun2/Instagram


In particular, his castmates pointed out his resemblance to Lee Jong Suk, who has starred in W, While You Were Sleeping, Romance Is a Bonus Book, and more.

Choi Si Hun | Netflix

Lee Jong Suk | @choi_hun2/Instagram

Lee Jong Suk

Like his co-stars, Choi Si Hun is as athletic and he is good-looking. During his introduction, he listed boxing and working out as his hobbies. What some viewers might not know yet, however, is that Choi Si Hun is no stranger to the spotlight.



Going to the gym and boxing. They’re my hobbies.

— Choi Si Hun

The contestants are not allowed to reveal their ages or professions until they enter Paradise, a private resort, as one half of a couple. That hasn’t stopped fans from tracking Choi Si Hun down online!

Choi Si Hun is a member of TRIPLEME, a K-Pop group that was originally scheduled to debut in 2020. Their new debut date is unknown. This ’92-liner was the second member of the group to be revealed, on October 17, 2019.

In 2019, Choi Si Hun also made his K-Drama debut in I Started Following Romance. He has acted in Standby Curator, Clumsy Love, Café KilimanjaroRomanced, and I Eat Well Today.

Romanced poster | Netflix

Choi Si Hun isn’t the only Single’s Inferno star who is attracting fans. Check out his gorgeous co-star here:


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