“Single’s Inferno” Couple Yoong Jae And Seo Eun Receive Criticism For Fanmeeting Announcement

The response is far from positive.

Single’s Inferno 2‘s endgame couple gained strong popularity after the show concluded. The couple made of Yoong Jae and Seo Eun showed strong loyalty to each other through the 8 episodes, winning the hearts of audiences.

Yoong Jae and Seo Eun. | Netflix

Due to their strong popularity, they decided to host a joint fan meeting in February 2022. Priced at ₩77,000 KRW (about $62.20 USD) for 80 minutes, they promised to spill the beans on more behind-the-scenes exclusives and more.

| @showbizidol_/Twitter

They began to receive huge flak for the announcement. A tweet about the fan meeting began to get ratioed severely as many were against it.

The price was one thing up for contention. As both are considered non-celebrities in the eyes of Koreans, they questioned the need for a fan meeting.

Arent’ they both just regular folks? Who would pay ₩77,000 KRW (about $62.20 USD) to see regular people act lovey-dovey? Are they doing this because people were responding positively to the free post on IG… It’s because it was free that people responded.

— 6ksjql2

Others were surprised to see that there was a demand for it.

I’m surprised to see there’s demand… They should just focus on dating quietly, why a fan meeting?

— is_l_ess

Some were baffled at the fact that the couple were giving out autographs. As non-celebrities, it would be odd to have autographs.

Are they celebrities for them to be giving out autographs? I haven’t watched the show but was it so popular that they can do fan meetings? Are they on the level of celebrities?

— honeynyaong

Despite this, there are still ardent fans of the show who support the two’s relationship.

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