Netizens Call Out “Creepy” Behavior On “Single’s Inferno”

Some viewers want him removed from the show.

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Netflix‘s new dating show, Single’s Inferno, is drawing in viewers, but some aren’t loving one of the contestants.

On Single’s Inferno, singles mingle on an island, called “Inferno,” in hopes to find their perfect match. The ultimate prize is love, but as an added bonus, couples are given alone time at a luxurious hotel, nicknamed “Paradise.” Since the beginning, Moon Se Hoon has had his heart set on going to Paradise with Shin Ji Yeon.

The current cast. | Netflix & @DrizzyWeeknd/Reddit

Over the course of the show, it became apparent to all the islanders, as well as to viewers, that Ji Yeon doesn’t want to couple up with Se Hoon. It also became clear that Se Hoon isn’t used to rejection.

Shin Ji Yeon | Netflix

Several castmates, most notably Kang So Yeon, tried to persuade Se Hoon is look elsewhere for love. Rather than listening, Se Hoon has continued to follow his heart — and a fortune-telling book that advised him to “keep trying.”

Moon Se Hoon | Netflix

In Episode 6, An Yea Won predicted that Se Hoon would once again choose Ji Yeon as his Paradise date, but Ji Yeon disagreed. She had gotten the message across to him…right?

An Yea Won predicting Se Hoon’s choice. | Netflix
| Netflix

Wrong! Even with two new female castmates showing interest in him, Se Hoon chose Ji Yeon again.

| Netflix

Now, after having watched the Se Hoon x Ji Yeon saga for six episodes, viewers at home are fed up.

Netizens are describing Se Hoon’s behavior towards Ji Yeon as “creepy” and “dangerous,” while also criticizing his treatment of So Yeon.

In Episode 5, So Yeon told Se Hoon that she is interested in being his potential partner. She also gave him point-blanket advice about Ji Yeon. Rather than accepting her advice, Se Hoon became angry, claiming So Yeon had hurt his pride.

Some viewers are now hoping Se Hoon will be removed from the show.

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