“Single’s Inferno” Fans Thought Kim Jun Sik Was A Producer On The Show, And He Quickly Addressed The Rumors

He’s got that rich CEO energy, after all.

Kim Jun Sik was a fan-favorite on Netflix‘s hit Korean reality dating show Single’s Inferno.

Kim Jun Sik | @juncore_/Instagram

Yet, he had little to no screentime compared to other contestants. So, many viewers felt the producers had it out for him.

So, netizens were shocked when Jun Sik seemed to have revealed that he was a producer. Wait, what?!

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Yesterday, Kim Jun Sik posted videos on his Instagram account, thanking viewers for watching the show and flexing his multilingual skills. He also implied that he might soon do a Q&A and asked fans to comment any questions they might have for him.

I’m not sure if you guys have any questions about me or Single’s Inferno, but if you have any questions, please comment below. I’ll try to ask as many questions as possible.

— Kim Jun Sik

One viewer (@vincent.vigil on Instagram) asked Jun Sik if he could go back and film Single’s Inferno again if there is anything he would “do differently?”

Screenshot on January 26, 2022. | @juncore_/Instagram

Jun Sik sure made this fan’s day by saying, “good question!” What really caught his followers’ attention though is that he promised to answer this viewer’s question in “two different ways,” from a participant’s POV and that of a producer.

Screenshot on January 26, 2022. | @juncore_/Instagram

Naturally, his followers did a double-take. Did Jun Sik just say “producer?”

Screenshot on January 26, 2022. | @juncore_/Instagram

Many began to wonder if this meant Jun Sik was more than just a cast member of Single’s Inferno but also a producer. If that’s the case, why did he have so little screentime? Don’t producers have a say on that stuff?

Screenshot on January 26, 2022. | @juncore_/Instagram

A few suggested that maybe we misunderstood him. Perhaps, he means to communicate both sides rather than just cast.

Screenshot on January 26, 2022. | @juncore_/Instagram

Shortly after, he addressed the sudden rumors. As some suspected, he just meant he wanted to answer with multiple points of view presented. He’s not actually a producer himself!

Screenshot on January 26, 2022. | @juncore_/Instagram

Still, this short period in which Jun Sik was (assumedly) a Netflix producer was surely suspenseful and, in some ways, entertaining. So, thanks to the fan who asked the initial question!

Screenshot on January 26, 2022. | @juncore_/Instagram

Jun Sik is a lot of things: CEO of a health products startup company, brand-endorser, and certified hottie. One thing he is not is a producer (although he could be one day).

He plans to do a Q&A video later, whether through pre-filmed and posted to social media, Instagram Live, or possibly even appearing on someone else’s YouTube channel later. When it comes to some questions, who knows? He may get a producer’s input!

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