“Single’s Inferno”‘s Ji A Was Reportedly Making ₩30.0 million KRW Per Instagram Post Before Her Controversy

According to reports, this was more than many celebrities.

A new report about beauty YouTuber and Single’s Inferno contestant Ji A (also known as Freezia) is starting to make headlines in the midst of her ongoing controversy—and it’s about the breakout star’s advertisement fees.

YouTuber and “Single’s Inferno” contestant, Ji A | @dear.zia/Instagram

The reality dating show contestant rose to stardom following her appearance on Single’s Inferno—and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see why. Her cool, but quirky personality in addition to her “young and rich” persona was quickly praised by viewers, as the whole world fell in love with Ji A overnight.

Ji A on “Single’s Inferno.”

The content creator had a sizable platform before her Single’s Inferno appearance, but her brand value skyrocketed after the show had concluded its run. Her YouTube channel broke the million subscriber mark, as it currently sits right below 2 million subscribers…

Ji A’s YouTube subscriber count, currently at 1.91 million | @free지아/YouTube

…while her Instagram account broke the 3 million mark almost overnight.

Ji A’s Instagram followers, currently at 3.5 million | @dear.zia/Instagram

And while the Single’s Inferno contestant may currently be wading in unknown waters with her career, a recent report shared the incredulous amount of money she made just from her advertisement posts before her controversy went live.

The influencer’s agency Hyowon CNC recently shared with Star 1 that Ji A was raking in approximately ₩30.0 million KRW (about $25,200 USD) per Instagram advertisement post. As for her YouTube brand deals, the Single’s Inferno star was collecting a reported ₩80.0 million KRW (about $67,300 USD) per advertisement video mention. According to the report, this means that Ji A’s advertisement fees were higher than some celebrities.

Ji A’s Instagram advertisement for YSL Beauty | @dear.zia/Instagram

However, that’s not all. Her brand value was proven not just through her monetary worth, but also through her insane bookings. According to the same report provided by Star 1, Ji A’s bookings were rumored to have been completely full until May 2022 because of her soaring popularity.

In addition to that, it was further reported that the beauty content creator became famous for refusing exclusive contracts with different cosmetics and fashion brands. The reason? The free-spirited influencer wanted the ability to post and mention other brands on her social media accounts, which wouldn’t be allowed if she were married to other companies through exclusive contracts.

Ji A’s Instagram advertisement for Dior Beauty | @dear.zia/Instagram

In related news, Ji A has become the target of mass criticisms following her admittance to her knock-off controversy. Netizens called her out on her fake designer clothing and other accessories, to which the Single’s Inferno contestant apologized for.

The controversy has since exploded all across the nation, as Ji A continues to dominate real-time searches with different knock-off-related headlines. And while the reality star was set to guest on Point of Omniscient and Knowing Bros, both MBC and JTBC recently decided to edit Ji A out from the show in light of the ongoing situation.

Source: Naver News and theqoo

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