“Single’s Inferno” Kim Jin Young To Make Acting Debut — But He Already Pre-Empted It Previously

It will be an action-thriller.

Single’s Inferno‘s Kim Jin Young will soon be making his acting debut. On October 26, 2023, it was announced that he would be debuting in the K-Drama iShopping. It is an action thriller about children getting “returned and refunded” by their adoptive parents, and the revenge that follows.

Based on a webtoon, it tells the tale of an adoption broker who provides adoptions to parents who want to make secret adoptions. He also provides a service to get rid of the children if the parents choose to get a “refund.” It is not sure yet what role he will play, as he is currently “in discussions” with the production team about his appearance. The title is a pun on the Konglish term for window shopping,
eye shopping” and “shopping for children.”

Clip from the webtoon. | Kakao Webtoon

It seems like this has been a longstanding goal of his. Previously on his YouTube show, Dex 101, he talked about advancing into the acting industry.

I think people who don’t know about it well will say such things to me [about trying my hand at acting.] When I see actors, I can tell how much work goes into it. I don’t think being an actor is something that I can challenge so easily. Even if I take up the challenge, I’ll need ample time to prepare. I want to do well in whatever I do. I hate doing things at the bare minimum, for the sake of doing it. If I end up acting, I do have the greed to prepare well for it.

— Kim Jin Young

Stay tuned for more news about his acting debut!

Source: Chosun