Netizens Are On The Fence About “Single’s Inferno” Shin Seul Ki’s Final Choice

The big finale is here!

Single’s Inferno 2 has just concluded its ten-episode run. The last episode saw the making of 3 final couples — Seo Eun and Yoong Jae

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So E and Se Jun

… leaving the popular girl on the show, Shin Seul Ki, to choose between three men. Dong Woo, Jin Young, and Jong Woo all came up to her baring their hearts.

L to R: Jin Young, Dong Woo, and Jong Woo. | Netflix

Many wondered who she would pick. Along the way, she had always been leaning towards Jin Young, even getting emotional when Jin Young seemed to be interested in other girls.

On the other hand, Jong Woo has always picked her from the start and remained loyal. Earlier in the show, Seul Ki already turned down Dong Woo. That didn’t deter him from staying true to his feelings.

While everyone expected her to pick Jin Young because of the emotional rollercoaster they’d been on, she ended up picking Jong Woo. The choice shook audience members.

Many viewers rooted for Jong Woo and were happy to see his steadfast efforts pay off.

He was also touted as one of the green flags on the show.

His sincerity truly paid off.

On the other hand, others are reluctant to accept the results.

They believed Jin Young’s chemistry with Seul Ki was off the charts.

Still, most felt that what Seul Ki and Jin Young had was chalked up to sexual tension and visual attraction.

Seul Ki felt more comfortable with Jong Woo.

Looks like a steadfast heart prevails in the end! Congratulations to all the couples who made it out of the show.

Single's Inferno

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