Was “Single’s Inferno” Scripted? Here’s Contestant Song Ji A’s Honest Answer To The Accusations

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Netflix‘s new series Single’s Inferno has caught the attention of fans globally and has become one of the hottest shows. As with any reality show, the series has come under scrutiny as netizens believe it is “scripted.” They thought that the contestants were being told what to say and do.

The “Single’s Inferno” poster | Netflix

One contestant has recently tackled those accusations, and it was Song Ji A. The social media influencer, known as Free Zia, caught the attention of netizens for her dazzling visuals that many believed resembled BLACKPINK‘s Jennie and IVE‘s Wonyoung.

Song Ji A | @dear.zia/ Instagram
Song Ji A | @dear.zia/ Instagram

Jia A recently posted a video on her YouTube channel where she answered questions not just about her life but, more importantly, Single’s Inferno.

In particular, considering it was a reality show, netizens had preconceptions about how genuine the contestants were being. Many Korean reality shows have been exposed for being scripted, including K-Pop audition shows.

Unsurprisingly, one viewer asked Ji A, “Was Single’s Inferno scripted, or did they let you do and say whatever?”

Ji A started by saying that she’d seen many comments about it from viewers of her videos. They also came from those who only knew her through the series. Yet, Ji A quickly refuted those claims, adding, “I have to tell you that it really wasn’t! It doesn’t make sense.

She then explained that although some of the contestants were well-known, none of them were actually actors, and it would have been almost impossible for anyone without experience to follow a script.

I promise there wasn’t one. And all the participants acted the way they wanted.

— Song Ji A

Yet, even Ji A had to admit that she understood where the speculations and rumors came from. In particular, she looked at the show from an outsider’s perspective and considered all the drama that happened amongst the contestants.

But maybe everything seemed so much like a soap opera? Maybe, that’s why everyone thought it was scripted. Let me tell you, it wasn’t!

— Song Ji A

Of course, the show’s elements that people thought were “scripted” included Ji A’s own behavior and attitude. Netizens saw her as unbothered, and while others called it “Queen Behavior,” many saw it as cold.

| Netflix
| Netflix

With this attitude, Ji A came across as extremely confident, and one viewer asked how this was possible. Although it might have seemed exaggerated, Ji A explained that everything was unintentional.

Unlike many reality shows where contestants put on a certain facade or plan their actions to come across a certain way, Ji A didn’t do this.

I’m not thinking, ‘Maybe if I talk like this, people will like me more.’ I’m never like that. It’s just the way I talk.

— Song Ji A

For many netizens, how many of the contestants were showcased made it seem like it couldn’t be truly “reality.” It included her own behavior to that of her co-stars, such as Oh Jin Taek choosing Shin Ji Yeon for a second date or Moon Se Hoon‘s behavior.

Moon Se Hoon was deemed “Creepy because of his behavior | Netflix

Whether Ji A was being truthful or not, her word is the only evidence or answer netizens have at the moment. No doubt, other contestants will share their own experiences.

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: Free Zia

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