Here’s How “Single’s Inferno” An Yea Won Really Feels About Cha Hyun Seung Not Picking Her

She gave her honest answer.

In a new YouTube video, Yae Won answered fans’ questions about her Single’s Inferno experiences, her casting call, screen time, and more. Unsurprisingly, her co-star Cha Hyun Seung was a hot topic.

In Episode 6, Yea Won got her flirt on with Hyun Seung, and viewers fell in love with the could-be couple’s chemistry.

Cha Hyun Seung and An Yea Won | Netflix

To many, it came as a shock when Hyun Seong chose Song Ji A over Yea Won for his Paradise partner.

| Netflix

How did Yea Won feel about this plot twist?

Even though viewers were surprised, Yea Won wasn’t. “I already figured that I wouldn’t get called,” she said. “because at that time, things were like…Everyone was busy approaching or getting to know each other, and that’s the thing I’m not good at.” 

An Yea Won on Single’s Inferno | Netflix

“I was getting perfectly used to the hell island,” she continued. “I didn’t expect much because I wasn’t trying to impress anyone, but I was just being playful me. Apparently, a lot of people liked that. So, when I found out people liked me for being me, I was like, ‘why though…’ That’s what I was thinking.”

Cha Hyun Seong talking to Kang So Yeon about An Yea Won | Netflix

Watch Yea Won’s video here:

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