“Single’s Inferno”‘s An Yea Won Has A Hidden Television Past And It’s Surprising Everyone

“Single’s Inferno” was not her television debut!

Netflix‘s Single’s Inferno took the world by storm with its December 2021 premiere, as the reality dating series became one of the hottest “it” topics all over the world. Following its mass success, the contestants of the program also experienced overnight popularity, with many of them skyrocketing to stardom.

“Single’s Inferno” poster.

As the reality dating series continues to reign supreme over all the headlines, one of the contestants has started to belatedly make headlines for her surprising past in television—and it’s none other than the widely loved, An Yea Won.

“Single’s Inferno” contestant, An Yea Won.

The charming contestant became an immediate fan favorite with Single’s Inferno viewers due to her gorgeous visuals and even more gorgeous personality. While she may not have had enough screen time on the reality program, however, An Yea Won’s popularity only seems to be increasing as time goes on—and this became apparent through her most recent background reveal.

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After a little digging into their favorite Single’s Inferno contestant, Korean netizens found out about An Yea Won’s past, or more specifically her television debut. According to WikiTree, the Netflix dating series was not An Yea Won’s debut, but it was actually through Mnet‘s variety program, I Can See Your Voice 4!

Back in 2017, the model and influencer appeared as a contestant on the singing variety show as one of their tone-deaf contestants. However, An Yea Won stood on the stage in front of all of the viewers, audience members, and celebrity guest panel to try to trick them into thinking she was a skilled singer.

Still of An Yea Won on “I Can See Your Voice 4” | Mnet

The celebrity guest for the episode, singer Hwang Chi Yeol, was in charge of figuring out An Yea Won’s real identity by watching her lip sync through all of her stages. Through her body language, lip syncing abilities, and facial expressions, Hwang Chi Yeol determined that the model was a tone deaf singer…

…which turned out to be true! The ever adorable An Yea Won showed off her irresistible charms, even as she sang off key for her song.

An Yea Won singing off-key, showing off her real identity as a tone deaf contestant.

Her bubbly personality that everyone fell in love with on Single’s Inferno was showcased during her time on I Can See Your Voice 4 through her cute motions and flirty antics onstage!

Following her song, Mnet revealed An Yea Won’s true identity as a bikini model while showing off her photos of her perfectly chiseled physique.

An Yea Won’s bikini modeling contest photos shocking the celebrity panel.

Her appearance on the singing variety show may have been almost 5 years ago, but it seems like the Single’s Inferno contestant’s lovable personality and stunning visuals remained the same throughout the years! Check out An Yea Won’s adorable I Can See Your Voice 4 appearance down below.

Source: WikiTree