SISTAR Hyorin’s bed selfie causes controversy for being too provocative

SISTAR‘s Hyorin recently uploaded a now deleted selfie of herself on Instagram and caused controversy immediately.

Hyorin has been touring the United States to meet her fans in Los Angeles and New York, and she’s been updating her fans on her trip on her Instagram.

On March 24, Hyorin uploaded a selfie of her in her bed wearing nothing but a bikini, while an unidentified person lay next to her on the bed.

On the same day, Hyorin deleted the photo as it began stirring up some debate in her comments section.

Hyorin’s followers were curious as to whether the person next to her was a male or female. Many argued that it was a male due to the short hairstyle, while others asserted that she wouldn’t have uploaded it on her Instagram if it was indeed a male.

Neither Hyorin nor her agency has responded to the controversy as of yet.

Source: Sports DongA