SISTAR Reunites Ahead Of Their Group Performance On “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook”

The group performed together for the first time in five years!

Before Starship Entertainment had IVE topping the K-Pop charts, they had the popular second generation group SISTAR.

(From left to right) SISTAR’s Soyou, Bora, Hyolyn, and Dasom | @official_sistar/Instagram

SISTAR debuted in 2010 and quickly cemented themselves as the “Summer Queens” with catchy releases such as “Loving U,” “Shake It,” and “Touch My Body.”

The group surprised fans when they announced their disbandment in 2017 after releasing their last single, “Lonely.”

| @sistar_official/Instagram

Although the news of their disbandment was disappointing, they were praised for the thoughtful way they ended their chapter as SISTAR.

The members have regularly met up with their fellow groupmates and continue to show each other support. Maknae Dasom met up with Soyou in 2020 to participate in Soyou’s “Gotta Go” dance challenge.

Soyou has been actively releasing music as a solo artist and held her first solo concert in April of this year. For the special occasion, all of the SISTAR members showed up to support her.

SISTAR members in 2022 | @soooo_you/Instagram

The former members also gathered in 2018 to celebrate leader Hyolyn‘s birthday. Bora posted photos on her Instagram to commemorate the special occasion.


Hyolyn and Dasom even collaborated to release their joint single “Summer or Summer” in 2021, gifting fans another summer bop after four years.

| Stone Music Entertainment

Now, all four members will reunite and perform for the first time on TV since their disbandment. It was recently announced that SISTAR would perform on the final episode of Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook, which will be airing its last episode after a 13 year run.

Ahead of their formal reunion performance, the girls participated in Hyolyn’s “NO THANKS” dance challenge.

Each member separately took place in the dance challenge with Hyolyn. Fans were excited to see Bora and Hyolyn together as they previously formed the popular subunit SISTAR19.

Then all four members united to do the dance challenge, giving fans the Music Bank staircase moment they didn’t know they needed from the second generation group.

Paul Kim, 10cm, Oh My Girl’s Seunghee and Hyojung, Melomance, Gummy, Heize, and more will appear on the final episode of Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook, which will air on July 22.