BTS’ Jin Shares Unique Music Bank Stairs Photo

He is so funny!

He is known for his unique ways of doing things!

BTS’ Jin

BTS‘ recent comeback with “Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment”) has brought a lot of amazing things for ARMY including unreleased tracks, exclusive content and what will be the groups’ first music show performances in 2 years!

Fans enjoyed KBS’ Music Bank Pre-recording arrival photos and being able to see Jin and the other members of BTS close up!

Part of the Music Bank experience for idols is taking photos at a specific set of stairs and most groups have participated in this tradition. BTS members SugaJ-Hope, and Jungkook also shared their first stairs photos!

Most groups pose in cool or chic positions to share with fans. However, Jin decided to let his silly personality shine through and take the photo from an interesting angle with the caption “MuBank Stair Shot.”

Fans can’t help but comment on how different Jin’s photo is even from his group members’!

Be sure to check out BTS’ comeback below!