Around US Entertainment responds to reports of Yang Yoseob dating musical actress Shin Go Eun

Yang Yoseob was reported to be in a relationship with musical actress Shin Go Eun, and Around Us Entertainment have responded.

One media source reported that an industry insider revealed Yang Yoseob and Shin Go Eun to be in a relationship, but Around Us Entertainment have released an official statement denying this report.

“Yang Yoseob and Shin Go Eun’s dating rumors are groundless. They both met in a musical and are simply close coworkers. He’s currently concentrating on preparing for HIGHLIGHT’s concert.”

— Around Us Entertainment

The two were reported to have started dating after becoming close through the musical The Days, and started off as a close “oppa-dongsaeng” relationship. The news report claimed that their collaborations throughout the musical helped them grow closer and eventually blossom into a relationship.

Just 5 minutes after the report was released, both Yang Yoseob’s and Shin Go Eun’s agency denied the rumors.

Source: OSEN