Skincare Clinic Updates On Employee Who Posted Secret Photos Of Stray Kids’ Seungmin And Changbin

Fans are not completely satisfied.

On January 4, it was reported that fans discovered a post made by a skincare clinic employee about Stray KidsSeungmin and Changbin.

Skincare Clinic Staff Posts Sneaky Pics Of Stray Kids’ Changbin And Seungmin, Commenting On Their Appearances

The employee shared several photos of the idols in the post and commented on their appearance.  The post left fans outraged, demanding that JYP Entertainment take action against the individual for invading their privacy.

The employee deleted the post, but fans managed to find his workplace and notified them of what happened.

The following day, fans shared that the clinic, located in Gangnam, had updated them about fans’ efforts. In a message to a fan, the clinic apologized for the employee’s actions and promised they would face penalties.

Hello, this is [redacted] Clinic in Gangnam, Seoul. We want to apologize for the post that has gone viral online about one of our employees and their social media content.

We plan on training the said employee about the importance of keeping all clients’ personal information private and holding them responsible with adequate penalties. In fact, the [redacted] Clinic’s Gangnam branch will train all the employees so they can handle private information responsibly and provide better service to the clients. We are aware of the gravity of the situation, and we assure all clients that it will not happen again.

We extend our deepest apologies to Stray Kids members and fans for the concerns caused.
— The Clinic

Fans are glad for the update, but many felt a stronger punishment was necessary.

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