“SKY Castle” Actor Criticized For Saying He Wants To Film A Romantic Drama With His On-Screen Mom

He uploaded an official apology for his statement.

On Happy Together 4, actor Jo Byung Gyu said his on-screen mom, Yoon Se Ah, was the worst mom on their hit drama SKY Castle because she was too pretty to be a mom.


He hopes to film a drama together, where they play each other’s romantic interest.

“Yoon Se Ah is too pretty to be a mom. I want to act as her romantic co-star.

All the other moms feel like moms but Yoon Se Ah is so beautiful. She’s very attractive.”

— Jo Byung Gyu


Jo Byung Gyu and Yoon Se Ah played the role of son and mom during the hit drama series, SKY Castle.


Jo Byung Gyu suggested playing the story of a single landlord and tenant student falling in love with each other.

“A drama about the landlord and a renting student. The landlord isn’t married, and they first meet at the real estate office. As I’m signing the contract, I [fall in love].”

— Jo Byung Gyu


After the episode aired, many viewers criticized Jo Byung Gyu as “careless” for his statement. They felt uncomfortable by the way he described the “feeling of a mom”, his word choice, and the fact that the two actors played the role of son and mom in a very popular drama.


As many netizens began criticizing him, Jo Byung Gyu took to Instagram to apologize for his statement on the show.


He wrote a short yet sincere apology, claiming that he also thought he was careless during the filming.

“Hello, this is Jo Byung Gyu.

As it was my first time filming a variety show, my determination to do well got ahead of me, and I said the wrong things about my senior by being careless.

I also thought I was careless after watching the show and am deeply reflecting on my actions.

I bow my head and sincerely apologize for disappointing you. I will continue to learn more and become a better actor.

Thank you. I’m sorry.”

— Jo Byung Gyu


In a later interview, Yoon Se Ah was asked what she thought about his statement. She laughed as she thought it was ridiculous that she would play the romantic part of her close co-star and on-screen son.

“I was actually surprised by what he said. It’s disgusting. It’s very indecent (laughs). I should go reprimand him so he doesn’t go around saying that again. I’ll never act as his romantic interest. He’ll always be my son.”

— Yoon Se Ah


As the issue became more of a hot topic, many netizens expressed that they don’t believe there was anything severely wrong with Jo Byung Gyu’s statements.

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