Sky Castle’s Lee Yoo Jin To Participate In Upcoming Produce X 101

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Actor Lee Yoo Jin from the popular drama Sky Castle will reportedly be appearing on the upcoming Produce X 101 as a contestant.

According to industry affiliates, Lee Yoo Jin has participated in the first filming of Mnet‘s Produce X 101 on March 4th.


Lee Yoo Jin, who has been recognized for his acting skills and good looks in the drama Sky Castle, is now preparing for a new chapter in his life as a K-Pop idol. In fact, the actor has apparently held an interest in music for a while now and has been preparing to become a singer.

Lee Yoo Jin was seeking various plans for his activities as an idol when he came upon Produce X 101 and decided to apply.

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Produce X 101, which is the fourth season of the Produce series, is expected to begin airing in April. For more on Produce X 101, check out the articles below:

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