(★BREAKING) “SKY Castle” Stars Kim Bo Ra and Jo Byung Gyu Are Dating

SKY Castle stars Kim Bo Ra and Jo Byung Gyu are dating!

After denying the initial rumors about them dating, SKY Castle stars Kim Bo Ra (role: Kim Hyena) and Jo Byung Gyu (role: Cha Ki Joon) have once again been exposed to be dating, and the rumors have now been confirmed!


The Fact has reported that the two were caught on a romantic date at a mall together on February 8, where after the pair finished their schedules for the day, they spent time together at a mall at around 7 pm.


Unlike other couples, who tend to hide from the public when going on dates, they showed off their leisurely and cool side, going on a date right out in public.


During their time at the shopping mall, they went to various stores together, picking out accessories and clothes that they would end up wearing to their reward vacation in Phuket, Thailand.


After shopping together, the couple then spent around 1 hour eating dinner together at a restaurant, again right in the view of the public. They even took pictures with fans who recognized them!


Before ending their date night at the theater, the pair stopped by a coffee shop, where they were all smiles and laughs together.


One week later, on February 15, the pair were once again spotted together on a date, this time by a park in Gangnam. They met up together just one day after arriving back from their reward vacation in Phuket, Thailand.


Walking together arm in arm, the pair looked like any couple in Korea, romantic and full of love.


Jo Byung Gyu ended their night with a sweet back hug too!


Many people have also pointed out the volume of pictures Kim Bo Ra and Jo Byung Gyu took together as evidence for them dating, along with their matching clothes.



The pair initially gained attention after denying dating rumors between the two on their appearance on KBS2’s “Happy Together” SKY Castle special, where they vehemently denied that there was anything going on between them.


Kim Bo Ra’s agency has confirmed that the two are dating.

“It is true that they have been dating since around early February. They are just starting as a couple, so please watch them beautifully”

— Moment Entertainment


Jo Byung Gyu’s agency has also confirmed that the two are dating. No conflicting statements here!

“Jo Byung Gyu and Kim Bo Ra started dating around early February”

— HB Entertainment

Source: The Fact (1) and (2), Sports Chosun and Ilgan Sports
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