Famous Actress Keeps Her Promise To A Fan And Sends Them Handmade Drinks

No one does it like her.

Yeom Jung Ah is a veteran actress known more recently for her role in SKY Castle.

She recently made her own rice punch and sent bottles of the traditional drink, sikhye, to the other SKY Castle “mothers”. Actress Oh Na Ra uploaded a proof shot of the delicious drink.

| theqoo

Yoon Se Ah also received the drink.

| @mokmoklian/Twiter

Fans who got to meet Yeom Jung Ah in real life playfully expressed their envy. They wanted to try her handmade sikhye too!

  • Fan: I also want to try the sikhye made by unnie!
  • Yeom Jung Ah: I can’t make more than three bottles a day… I’ll try to be hardworking and send some to you after!

Most fans thought that she was simply placating a fan politely. After all, an actress like her would be super busy with work! Little did fans know that Yeom Jung Ah would actually keep her promise. About 20 days after the initial promise, a fan uploaded a cooler bag of sikhye, claiming that Yeom Jung Ah really sent her the drinks.

| @waitjaboom/Twitter

They expressed their thanks by uploading the kind act online.

Guys… Jung Ah unnie really sent me sikhye… #YeomJungAh #YeomJungAhKindAnecdotes

— waitjaboom

The unexpected act of kindness touched the hearts of many, with the tweet going viral at over 450,000 views in just two hours. No one could believe their eyes! Looks like her long-running career isn’t due to sheer luck and talent — having a perfect personality surely helped her go for the long run.