Music Producer Sleep Deez Reveals What It Was Like Working With BTS’s Jungkook On “My Time”

He also revealed some TMI ARMYs might not know!

Producer Sleep Deez, who produced BTS Jungkook‘s solo song “My Time” alongside Pdogg, recently did an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit. During the Q&A, he answered questions about working with BTS, his career, and much more.

Music Producer Sleep Deez | @sleepvision/ Instagram

Many of the questions were about the track “My Time,” which has gained success worldwide since being released! Sleep Deez explained that Big Hit Entertainment reached out to him and wanted him to create something new and original.

One user asked Sleep Deez what it was like working with Jungkook on this track, and, as expected, alongside calling him a “Flat Out Superstar,” he had nothing but praise for the group’s maknae.

I think the world of the kid. His potential is through the roof, I’m excited ‘My Time’ felt like the beginning of a brand new swag and confidence for him. Can’t wait to see how far he and the rest take it.

— Sleep Deez

BTS’s Jungkook/ @bts_twt/ Twitter

After the song itself was created, it seems as if Sleep Deez fell in love with Jungkook even more. When asked what the best part of producing the song was, he explained that it was all Jungkook’s voice, adding, “My favorite part of producing it was probably when I heard the first version with JK’s vocals on it.. it was magic!

Despite the track being known as Jungkook’s solo, it seems as if this wasn’t always going to be the case. Initially, ARMYs could’ve been treated to a duet for this track between Jungkook and the group’s leader RM!

Early on, I thought it was going to be a subunit with him and RM. I didn’t fully know the dynamics yet. I just knew RM was doing some of the writing and translations of certain phrases that they decided to keep in English, so I assumed he was going to be on it.

— Sleep Deez

For Sleeper Deez, he has always loved Jungkook’s vocals, but even he was shocked by the ability of the group’s youngest member in the track. He explained, “I didn’t know if he could deliver the melodies bc they’re so rhythmic, almost like rap-singing, but he crushed that!

There is no denying that the track is a musical masterpiece, and it is down to the musical talents of both Sleeper Deez and Jungkook! You can read more from the AMA below!

Sleep Deez, The Producer of BTS Jungkook’s “My Time,” Explains How Working With BTS Is Different From Working With Other Artists

Source: Reddit AMA and FI